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Favorite bird to shoot?

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I think GWT are the most fun to shoot just because of the wads they usually bomb in. With that being said, once the big honkers lock up I start drooling into my call rendering it and myself useless. There are not too many things that get me like that...

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I just got my first chance to shoot some pheasants last Saturday and it was a bunch of fun.

Given the fact that about 200 farm-raised, grain-fed birds had somehow escaped from transport onto land leased by our hunt club, I can honestly say that it was truly a "shoot", and not much of a hunt :D

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I too did my share of Pheasant hunting this last weekend too, but these were planted a month ago over a vast area which gets quite a bit of pressure. The birds actually get pretty smart once they get pushed enough, and for the first 3 hours we went birdless. The last 30 minutes was awsome as we found a dozen of them all holed up on one small little 8 acre parcel where we shot 4 roosters and kicked up at least 15 hens, for a minute I thought I was in SD instead of WI. Lots of fun, and good work for my Lab Tread.

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Which Pheasant farm do you go to? I live in the Green Bay area and often drive to Lena and hunt the 5 corners property; it gets a lot of pressure and I often run into other hunters. I am always interested in other places near by.

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