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SBE2 Jamming Problems?


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There have been problems with some.

Sometimes it's shells made out of spec.

Look through mudhen's posts to find information on that.


Sometimes it's improper mounting of the gun by the shooter.

Look through mudhen's posts to find....


I see a pattern developing here.

Just look through previous posts.


If you can't find the exact solution, you'll need to call CS, because all we can do is guess.

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Anyone experiencing problems with these guns not cycling shells through and jamming?

Particularly when using 3" and 3.5" steel?

Any ideas welcome, Thanks!


Try troubleshooting tree on benelli website, they have good info and normally they will tell you if it is a specific shell thats doing it ! do not shoot them! if it is numerous different shells do not shoot them but these guns tend to not like several types of shells! Hopefully you broke the gun in IAW manual?

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The only problem I had with jamming was when I had the SRM magazine upgrade spring in it. I put all the factory parts back in and have no problems

I have shot 3.5" winchester, kent, estate, federal; 3" remington, federal, winchester; 2 3/4" federal, winchester, remington, estate.

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:mad: my SBE2 is jamming with everything just about from 3 1/2 steel to 2 3/4 sporting loads for clays its killing me .... spend 1500 ona shotgun and it keeps jamming ???? starting to think i should have just got Beretta... honestly though, why are there so many issues with what is supposed to be the top of the line in auto loaders ? :confused:

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I don't get it. Duck season is over.

Why are you not sending your SBE II back to Benelli???

You paid for a warranty....

I personally know of more Beretta problems than I do Benelli problems.

And furthermore, I have a friend who has not has his issue resolved with Beretta. Beretta is claiming the problem does not exist, when it clearly does.

Mossberg has great CS, but Benelli service generally gets high nods.

Finally, if you want a Beretta, get one! Your Benelli is still worth $$$

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Disassemble as far as you can, clean with gun scrubber, lube completely with Break Free (soaked shaving brush), assemble quite wet. Don't worry about attracting dust/dirt. This gun needs to be fairly wet with Lube. It will function fine in cold temps wet (with Break Free). Sit in an easy chair and cycle the bolt by hand 500 times, re-lube...good to go. (yes, 500 times).


After five days in a pit with blowing dust, on disassembly, the dirtiest component was the magazine tube, be sure to clean it and lube it too.


As with any weapon, shoulder it with authority like you really mean to kill something.

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Well, you know...there can be issues with just about anything on the market with moving parts...I understand your frustation. I would have to pull the gun apart from top to bottome and look for anything that looks off...after a good examination and a good cleaning and oiling if I were still having problems I would be on the phone with Benelli. I will say though despite some issues I have seen, I would not take any other gun in the field with me...My close group of friends are all avid hunters/shooters and we collectively shoot most of whats out there, and I have seen issues with just about everything.

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I hear ya.. as soon as im done shooting as much as I can at the crows for the season ill be sending it in. Between the cycling issue and the butt peice issue it def. needs to be sent in for some work. Im just frustrated and venting. Im sure most guns have there issues, I just never expected it from a brand new sbe2. thank you all for your input. :)

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