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2007 - 2008 Season Pictures


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Wow, nice pictures, also your dog is beautiful!!!


Decoys are also real looking!!!




Thank you. She's a little...a lot ate up about hunting. She's not been the steadiest so far this season so she got the leash... We'll work on that before season starts... I hope.

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Thanks TMAC.


I got kind of lucky with her. The first time she ever saw a goose was while we were duck hunting. It ended up being nearly a 20 pound goose. She struggled with it a bit but finally made it.


I never trained with a goose but she's taken to it very well. We shot some more geese that day and she seemed to handle them well. Too this day I don't know how I got so lucky. I did very little training with her while she lived with my wife at vet school. Mocha's naturaly ability far outways any training ability I might have had. She certainly has her flaws but I love hunting with her!!


Those hunting labs, some kind of special dog...

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Had a great opener. We had some nasty weather all day yesterday. Rain mixed with snow and a slight breeze for most of the day. As we were walking out the clouds broke and was treated with a beautiful sunset. My camera in packed away so I didn't get a pic of it. :(


Got a nice mixed bag with two hen GW teal, One drake & Hen Gaddy, a Drake pinner, and I finished my bag with a double on drake Widgeon.


It took me about 7 shot to get me lead figured out again but it was one shot kills from there on out.


My SBE performed flawlessly.



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Not so good, he will get them just fine from deep water, when he has to swim, but he doesn't do well on sand bars. We were hunting a sand bar, dropped a teal, he went for it, grabbed it, came a few feet then dropped it, I had to go get it cause he wouldn't bring it to me.


Then my buddy dropped a pintail hen, he went and got it, brought it about 5 yards towards me, then dropped it and started goofen off.


So I'm gonna work him more with a few ducks, work him on that bar, see if he will figure it out. Looked good in the picture though. We've been working on "hold" which he does great when near me, but I can't call it to him on a retrieve yet.

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Hang in there Liberty, it gets better with time. My lab did a lot of the same things your experiencing and now he is 3 and rarely does he ever drop a retrieve before it touches my hand. More off season work and just time in the field will help, they learn from good and bad experiences too.

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I have a feeling once he gets a dozen or so birds from the water, he'll learn he is supposed to hold on to the bird whether he is standing in water or swimming. On the plus side, he is a natural when it comes to pheasant, he stays in range, nose to the ground looking for birds. Must be the weimaraner in him.


His first duck he went after was a cripple, I would have shot it again before he got to it, but I sent him before it hit the water because I didn't want it to get to the fast water. Needless to say it hit the fast water, he was right on his tail and he followed it 150 yards downriver, and caught up to it, I think the only reason he didn't bring it all the way to me is because it bit him and it was probably flapping up a storm in his mouth so he dropped it. He's not used to a live bird in his mouth.

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