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Difficult choice!


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I currently own a Remington 870 Wingmaster for probably

20 years. I did not have any problems or jammed with it, but

it is only a 2 3/4 chamber and I hunt ducks and Canada goose so I now want to purchase a new 12 gauge with possibility of 3 1/2. So since I was with Remington for alot of years with no issues, I also have a 30-06 Remington 7600 pump and I love it, but I have now 2 choices and have difficulties of choosing between those 2, Remington 870 Super Magnum 3 1/2 Synthetic Black or Benelli Super Nova

Symtetic Black or even Adv.Max-4.


I have shot both of them and I really like the Benelli balance weight and swing. But in relibility I think that Remington got it.


Can you please tell me some pros and cons about those 2 models?


Also wich one you would chose between Black or Adv.Max-4

is the camo finish will last ???





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Much like you, I had an 870 for a lot of years.

I bought mine in 1978 and sold it just three years ago, when I bought my SBEII.

It was and still is the best darned gun I've ever owned.


The SBEII may eclipse it in the long run, but it's gotta go a few more years without a problem to begin to reach the high mark set by the 870.


Before I sold the 870, and before I bought the SBEII, I briefly owned a Nova.

It was light and quick, but it just didn't feel and perform as smoothly as the 870.

I'm sure if I'd used it for some time I would have gotten used to it, but I chose to upgrade to the semi-auto so I could more easily handle awkwardly positioned second shots from the boat and blind.


Unfortunately, today's 870's aren't as well built as your and mine were. There are more stamped parts which have yet to prove themselves over time. They may be fine. We simply don't know yet.


According to a poll by Delta Waterfowl, the 870 is still the most popular shotgun of all time, but the SBE is gaining ground quickly.


Still, if I had to stay with a pump, it would be difficult to talk me out of getting another 870.

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One of the best guns I every owned is still in my gun cabinet and that is my 870. The gun I use for turkeys is my 870 supermag. But for waterfowl, I recently purchased the SBEII. I use to hunt geese with the supermag, but it acted up in cold weather, so I went with the semi auto.

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Thanks guys!


I would defenatly would like more a SBEII thats for sure!!


But my budget is not 2,000$ CAN.


I do agree that my 870 is a Wingmaster and not the cheap version of Express Super Magnum of Remington. I also read

that the newest Remington like the Super Magnum Express

have alot more cheaper components?


I would like more opinios please!!!


Keep going lol


Ducky :D

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I too have a 870 Special Purpose 12 ga 3" mag synthetic stock (1988 vintage) which I used for waterfowl, spring turkey and doves. Three years ago it started to falter by jamming, not feeding and hanging shells in the ejection port and it quickly turned into a single shot pump!! It was sent to Remington twice for "reaming in the chamber and replacement of shell catching tag springs.


I have been eyeballing the M2 in Max 4 HD and the comfort stock. I took the plunge and purchased one this past month....Awesome!!!! During dove season..it took a little getting used to as I've been a pump man all my life (over 50 years) but the balance, recoil recovery and sheer quickness of this gun is very impressive. I think the consistent aspect I got from others who own or had the Benelli was the reliability of the gun. I trust if you are considering the Benelli...you wont be disappointed.



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  • 2 weeks later...

I just bought the Stoeger Model # 2000,,it works great,,so far anyway !!!

I WAS using a Remington Sportsman 12 Magnum,,well the 870 went into the Closet,,but it WILL/CAN come out of the Closet in a Heart Beat IF the Stoeger Model #2000 starts to act up !!

I HOPE that does NOT happen,,only time will tell ?

But so far,the Model #2000 has NOT been into the "Shop" Yet.

Thank You very much


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I've hunted with a rem 870 super mag camo for the last four seasons. Generally I really like the gun and have killed a lot of birds with it. Patterns really nice. I had some rust issues as mentioned above on the mag tube cap and sling studs. No big deal, but I had to keep an eye on it. I also had problems with jamming in cold weather. Nothing worse than a jammed shell when a toll of geese are ten yards out. The 870 will continue to be my turkey gun, but I recently purchased an SBEII and find it to be much lighter and better balanced.

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I recently went through the same decision process. I tested the Beretta Extrema II, Remington CTi, Benelli SBE II and wound up with the Cordoba. All were fine guns, but for reasons I'll state below this was the right move for me.


Why did I choose the Cordoba? I too wanted to shoot Ducks and Geese with my new gun, but I also wanted to shoot Sporting Clays and other game. The SBE II is nice, but I've seen it struggle cycling light target loads (7/8 oz.). There has also been some technical discussions on the Web around shot deformation when shooting 2 3/4" ammo through a 3.5" chamber. To avoid those issues I went with the Cordoba. It shoots a 3" Magnum load, which has more than enough muscle for even the most monsterous of Canadian Geese. After testing the Cordoba over the weekend, I couldn't be more pleased with my choice!

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I used a Remington 870 Express for about three years, loved it, but it started screwing up on 3" loads. Sometimes it would eject the spent shell and fail to grab the next one from the magazine. Sometimes it would fail to eject the spent shell and grab another one from the magazine and try to stuff both. Or it would just put the spent shell back in the chamber and leave me wondering what happened. I took it to a gun smith about three times before the manager apologized for wasting my time and replaced basically everything but the stock and barrel. Worked great for another three years, and back to the same problem.


I got my SuperNova a year ago, and haven't looked back yet. Fewer parts, easier to clean, and hasn't missed a beat yet for turkey, geese, ducks, woodcock, grouse, snowshoe hare, squirrel, skeet, sporting clays, trap, you name it!


If you had an old hand-me-down 870, you're set. Otherwise I'd recommend the Benelli hands down.


Happy Shooting!

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