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Israeli Sayaret M4 SBS


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I tried to post the original picture from Autoweapons but I was not allowed to because it was my first post. I realize the post was old, but it still a fake and a lie. I hate it when people do that. I came across this thread while I was searching for something else and I couldn't let it slide. Autoweapons is not a message board, but a sale page for a very prominent Class III dealer. I am also a Class III dealer and I wouldn't want someone taking a pic from my site and modifying it or using it as is and calling it their own. It was my first post but I registered long ago, not just to call him on the fake post.

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The wood in front of the barrel and slightly above shows signs of being cloned in photoshop. You can see the same wood grain has been copied several times.





Here's your side by side. "And I'm Larry Potterfield and that's the way it is."


Uh oh........................


**sits back and waits for some 'splainin'**

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