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Light MOD. or Improved Mod.


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Correct me if im wrong but isnt Improved modified tighter then Light Modified.


I was getting ready to Improved but looked at the chart and I believe Light would be better on decoying geese. Not a choke tube ? Just a size of pattern question.

Geese would be in reason....10 to 40yrds


I want tight but not too tight.

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wouldn't light mod be better for decoying geese?

I had a brownign that used a pure golg modified. But up close it was toooooo. tight. now I have this benelli and think I'm goingt to go with light mod. any opinons?


I don't mind trash talk just don'tto get in any flameing contest please.

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As a rule of thumb, steel shot out of a modified choke patterns like lead out of a full and the same goes with imp cyl steel like modified lead. Steel just tends to pattern tighter than lead. However, each gun/choke/ammo combination will differ. Have you tried pattening your gun with the different chokes with the ammo you intend to use? If not, draw a 30" circle on a piece of cardboard or plywood and put it out at 30 yards. Aim for the center and then figure your percentage of shot within the circle. You'll also see if your gun shoots center or not. Try it at 40 yards too.

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I don't know if you've noticed, but the improved modified and the full chokes that come with the SBE II say "no steel" on them, at least mine do. Can't quite understand why a top shelf waterfowl gun would come with only 3 out of 5 chokes

rated for steel shot


Italian made shotgun and Company and you do have a valid point! try www.primos.com they have great product for waterfowl tube sets!

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yes. they go...cylinder,skeetI,skeetII,improved cylinder,light mod, modified,improved mod,full,and extra full.


The choke tube websites that I have looked at show skeet II and light mod the same in between improved cylinder and modified. Some manufacturers call it skeet II and some call it light modified,

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