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  1. No, Joe uses a thin wall steel and several ounces lighter. I'm pretty happy with fit and finish.
  2. I truly hope it works out for ya and it's black, black, black! The thing is though, to my knowledge you can't specifically order a black one specifically. Good luck!
  3. Yeah, getting rid of that biotch was worth it looking back.
  4. Was in the same boat 21 years ago and had to sell off my Colt model 70 collection to pay divorce attorney. Wish I had them back today. I seen one a couple months ago identical to the Combat Elite I sold and they wanted $2200 for it😪
  5. Actually I can read, 34 years in the Army I was forced to learn. What I have learned in reading your post is that you have done nothing but bash Benelli because variances in receiver finishes, trigger group housing, canted sites, blah blah blah. Simple! Contact CS of your dissatisfaction and go from there. As far as my age, you can do the math and get an estimate based off my time of service. And what does gender have to do with anything? You probably have had your 11707 longer if it really makes a difference, but I'm pretty certain I was buying legally purchased firearms long before you
  6. Sell it and buy a Tristar👍🏻because it's obvious your not going to be happy with the finest combat shotgun ever built.
  7. Yes, like I stated in the other thread. Positive lock detent.
  8. I have nothing bad to say about mine. Slightly larger in diameter than OEM, but feels solid and positive lock in detent. I like it due to not fully knurled as most aftermarket are.
  9. I bought the same one and love it after I seen one of your previous post talking about it. It is very secure and has a positive "snap" when pushed in so detent locks in.
  10. ButchP

    Panzer M4 Shotgun

    I cannot confirm on the mag tube fitment on the Panzer, but I did install a Mesa urbino on my Benelli a couple weeks ago and the fit and finish is great. I still want the OEM collapsible, so I pre ordered it last week.😎
  11. Yeah your 11707 will have the plastic trigger guard, mine did anyway. You can always upgrade to the A&S trigger guard that I plan to do with the Briley trigger group, that most people do. As far as compatibles between M4 models, not really sure.
  12. Nice! I ordered the 42" black multicam a few days ago. I dont have the collapsible stock, but I do have the Mesa thats a little shorter than the factory fixed stock.
  13. The recoil tube is not a pre-order right now from what I can tell. If you have the 11707 M4 you don't need a tube.
  14. ButchP


    I have been asked many times why my flag is "backwards" on my uniform! Of course I stop and explain. There have been times that after I explain it, was called a war monger. Some people!
  15. Yeah, they are pricey and hope they take care of you. From what I hear, their customer service is pretty good. Keep us posted on the process and outcome.
  16. The recoil tube is not a pre-order right now from what I can tell. If you have the 11707 M4 you don't need a tube, as it comes with the 3 position already.
  17. It is a tool, but I would be pretty upset as well with that little use.
  18. ButchP

    Choke Tubes

    https://www.choketube.com/choke-tube-product-details-R.php?Benelli-Mobil-Choke-Tubes&gauge=12&mf=3 I purchased a light modified, improved cylinder and cylinder. Yeah the chokes are silver, but imo no big deal. You can get breacher chokes that extend past the muzzle if thats your thing.
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