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  1. Not at home, but 2 inches shorter or so should be perfect LOP.
  2. Just got the Mesa stock. While the length is perfect the finish is rougher than stock and there are round injection holes on one side. While the sling attachment is 1 1/4 which it should have been stock, I’m not sure it’s a keeper.
  3. Outlawyer


    Meant to quote question. Thx.
  4. Outlawyer


    Stranger, is this stock hard to install without a vice ?
  5. Outlawyer


    Like the 1.25inch sling width and QD ....smart.
  6. Interesting. It would seem that if I were defending this individual it could be used to show there was no intent to break the law. But then it leaves open how individuals could buy multiple guns not in compliance and then declare they are not liable. I don’t know.
  7. Haha disregard new for me.
  8. Great build. Yeah, who makes those railscales?
  9. Me as well. Can anyone explain why the USPS is so bad now? We can’t blame it on political terms anymore and we certainly can not say that there are logistical excuses what the fuck is going on?
  10. Ordered a custom blue force gear sling and front fits perfect and rear only accepts 1”. You know I’m getting so weary ordering gun parts online without being able to fit them on the weapon..... I’ve got so much shit laying around here for so many guns.
  11. Bambi that’s m4 porn., Which is perfectly fine
  12. Sold out on their website, but certain sizes available on Amazon. I just got the 36” for my SBS M4.
  13. just got mine back from SD (ty man). Looking at the plastic stock housing, the AW is metal and robust. Why the big deal on Briley trigger?? It’s a shotgun.
  14. What are you expecting FFT trigger to do do ?
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