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Super BlackEagle 2


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I'm pretty happy with my SBE II. I've had it for a little less than one year. I've had two malfunctions. One stovepipe and one failure to feed. To be fair, I believe my gun just needed to be broken in just like it says it might in the owner's manual. I'm using breakfree CLP as a lubricant and have only put 3 boxes of shells through it. Mostly 3 inch steel #2s/3s Federal and Fasteel. A couple weeks ago I let a co-worker use it on a rabbit hunt using low brass 1 1/8 oz #6s. He fired a dozen or so rounds and it functioned fine.


Two minor peculiarities with it, the plastic sling swivel stud on the stock is a little too wide for an Uncle Mikes QD sling swivel but several folks on this forum have been kind enough to provide a couple alternative swivels that will work just fine. Lastly, the gun will not fire if the bolt is out of battery. It's easy to see if it's out of battery and I've never had a problem with it but it is something to be aware of when hunting. Other than that, I view it as a great all around hunting shotgun and I'm glad I bought it.

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I had a couple of problems at first with mine. But after 3 trips back to benelli and bass pro getting involved they have mine working perfect. It's the best fitting gun out today. As far as being worth $1500 + I don't know about that, but mine is a killing machine now. By the way NJ what did you ever do about the problems you were having?

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