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US Made Titanium Benelli M4 Magazine Tubes! Available online Jan 1, 2009.

Guest cleefurd

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I buy and sell a lot online. Funbroker and fleabay. Often times the tracking number isn't given because of time constraints. Would you rather have Kip making tubes, or matching tracking numbers to sent shipments and sending emails?


One could argue that he needs an office manager to handle such tasks. However, the added costs would be passed on to customers. Kips tube is worth the price, but as you approach the cringe level, sales will suffer.


The abscent orders after receiving a email saying it has shipped is wrong though. It leads himself into fielding phone calls rather than making 200 dollar pipes.


I'm looking forward to seeing Hooksters warhorse!

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No, there is a compression sleeve (think snap ring with a shoulder).


Your description of the retainer was spot on. It was quite a bit stiffer than a plain snap ring. I purchased some cheap snap ring pliers from Autozone and ended up returning them. The jaws were so loose they would twist before compressing the sleeve. You need a pretty beefy set of snap ring pliers to install it. It was super easy with a heavy duty set from Sears. I borrowed a nice heat gun from a friend at work. It was adjustable with a thermostat. It did take quite a bit of heat. It wouldn't break loose at 400 degrees after 10 minutes. I cranked it up to 800 degrees and it softened up after about 5 more minutes of heat. There was a lot of thread lock compound on mine. It was like toothpaste when it finally softened up. Fortunately most of the junk stayed on the magazine tube. The internal threads brushed clean with no acetone or solvent.


I think the most challenging thing was installing the new spring. It is difficult to compress into the tube and got away from me once or twice. It was easier to install the snap ring sleeve first, place the follower in the receiver body, compress the spring into the tube, and then screw the tube & spring assembly into the receiver. It is pretty easy to mate up the follower into the tube. I can see why some people skipped the snap ring sleeve and just use the threaded cap to hold in spring.


I have full lenght mag tube joy now!:D

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That's pretty!! When you want to post a picture use the icon that looks like the 7th icon from the left on the quick reply box below under the word: message. If it asks to temporarily allow pop ups click yes then hit the icon again. That should open a window where you can paste the address of where you have the image posted. Hope that helps!



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Hey All,

I got my contact e-mail from Kip today. It stated that my original order had been cancelled and if I was still interested I should re-submit the order and note the original invoice info in the comment section to keep my place in line. It also said that it should ship within 7 days.

As you guys probably know by now from my occasional whining I ordered the day after the cutoff date so for all of you "after the cutoff" guys, I think this is a good sign.


Hookster :)

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Got a call from Kip Sat morning. Re-ordered as mine had expired. Hope to get it today or in the next few days.


Good news! Thanks Hookster and Decodence for keep those of us who ordered after 7/11 updated. I ordered mine on 8/7 no email yet though.


Now I want to see if they truly do show up on a donkey like Texas Skeeter said, then it would make perfect sense of why they are taking so long. Donkeys are very slow creatures. UPS or the Postal Service would have been a better choice of carriers for Kip.:D

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They are legal in CA. CA's law only states you can't have a semi-auto shotgun that has a mag tube holding more than 10 rounds. As long as you don't have a collapsable stock or detachable clip.


This is what is prohibited under the CA Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989:


(5) A semiautomatic pistol with a fixed magazine that has the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds.

(6) A semiautomatic shotgun that has both of the following:

  • (A) A folding or telescoping stock.
  • (B) A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon, thumbhole stock, or vertical handgrip.

(7) A semiautomatic shotgun that has the ability to accept a detachable magazine.

(8) Any shotgun with a revolving cylinder.

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(8) Any shotgun with a revolving cylinder.


Shotgun with a revolving cylinder...say what? Are they referring to the Taurus Judge Pistols or is there some type of way cool revolver shotgun I am currently unaware of?:eek:


I just Googled it and found a German and Russian shotgun that have revolver like cylinders. Also it appears the Striker shotgun is a revolving cylinder, I had always thought it was a cylindrical magazine. You learn something everyday...if you aren't careful.

Edited by OhioM4
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I just wish they were legal in the stupid state where I live (CA)


Hey Steve,

Before you do put a full length tube on your M4. (you got a great deal BTW) Just in case you're not aware, although they are legal under CA law (I'm in CA too) There is a federal law (922r) that prohibits putting on unless you take steps to reduce the amount of specific imported parts that comprise your Benelli. There's a lot of posts regarding it here in MeanGreens' thread:




Some people choose to worry about it, others choose not to. Just wanted to make sure you're aware so you can deal with it as you see fit. That being said, If all is as Kip said....my tube should ship by Monday!!!!!:D



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As I obsess over when I am going to get my tube, I check Kip's website every hour for updates. I just found out he updated the front page for expected delivery dates. Here is what's posted.


IMPORTANT! Status Update as of October 10, 2009; All completed orders placed through August 5th will ship NLT Wednesday Oct 14, 2009 unless otherwise pending payment. Orders between Aug 5th, 2009 and Oct 9, 2009 are expected to ship no later than November 1st, 2009. Credit Card authorizations on orders placed between July 11, 2009 and Sept 5, 2009 will have expired by that time, and customers will be contacted directly to determine how/if they wish to renew their orders. Any renewed order will retain their original place in line and ship almost immediately. Thank you for your continued patronage and support that has contributed to our growth this year. We look forward to serving you for years to come.

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I got my "your order has shipped" email this morning also.

For time reference, I had ordered at the Carriercomp online store on 8-12-09.

Thanks Kip!! :D


I just got my shipment notification this morning as well, with an order date a full month before you.

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