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Review of FAB BM-4


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I just bought a BM-4 polymer 4 rail forearm a few weeks ago from Botachtactical. It did not come with any instructions for installation. I have a Benelli M4 model 11717(desert cammo) and i could not get the BM-4 to fit on properley. I found a link by ATT tactical that had instructions to modify the BM-4 so that it would fit on the M4. I followed the instructions and got the BM-4 to fit. The BM-4 fits really tight and took a good beating at the range. I used a fore pistol grip which gave my M4 great control and comfort when i shot some three inch oo buckshot. My fore pistol grip actually broke off the BM-4 after a few shots. After i was done at the range the BM-4 was still tight and was not damaged by the fore grip breaking off.

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It took my brother and i about one hour or so. It helped me to grind one side of the BM-4 at a time, then take that side and place it on the shotgun to check the spaceing. It was hard to see were the BM-4 needed to be grinded when both sides were on at the same time. When both sides were the same i fitted it on the shotgun nice and snug then tightend it down with the screws. The top rail of my bm-4 is slightley off center and a tiny bit high from the one on my M4.

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Where would it say if it is a 1014, 11707, or 11717?:confused: None of those numbers are on my shotgun. All it has is M4 right underneath the breach.


It would say on the box.


Also, see if you have a milled recoil tube with notches cut in it.


Or see what year your gun was made in.


If its a new gun, more than likely it's a 11707, it's been their main model for 3-4 years now I beleive.

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HI could someone please send me the link of the instructions how to modify and install the quad rail on the m4 i waited to get this rail for like 6 months and thought it would be fitted on directly and only to see i need to modify. Please someone send me a link or good isntructions where exactly it needs trimming and how much i really want this on it.



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Day late, dollar short. Thank you Benelli Forums for wishing me happy birthday before anyone else. Regarding the FAB Defence handguard, I do feel it is one of the best options available due to weight, durability, and maintaining original handguard profile. I am very against polymer rails on firearms, however this handguard has proven several times over to hold it's strength. There is no question of it's difficulty of installation and it prevents me from cleaning the firearm. Just cleaned my Benelli M4LE 11721 for the first time in 16 years and working on the reinstallation of the handguard. For the sake of 16 years, my Benelli M4 has gone through thousands of rounds and never missed a beat. Thank you again Benelli Forums.


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