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Shotgun slugs arent the only ones with 1" expansion


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Tested some RA45T(Enhanced) today. It is absurd. Sorry, I scanned that which is why the field of depth is so shallow. 2 different projectiles are shown, they are all but mirror images of each other, so I showed the back of one and the front of the other. Tested in soaked phone-books at 10 meters.


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The T-Series is basically a 5th generation of the original Black Talon. I have tested the Black Talon and both versions of the Rangers through everything from auto sheet metal/glass and BG.


The Black Talons were only available in one weight per caliber unlike the Rangers which have several. The BT and 1-4th gen Rangers all have razor like talons rather than dull petals like the T-Series also.

All of them performed well but the new T-Series has longer petals and expand a little more vs the older ones in all calibers.

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