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2009 new photo album


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That was rather stupid on their part, I hope they get their azzes handed to them.



The short of it will be that I will no longer be nice and courteous and obliging to to any of them.

All they get from me is what I am legally obligated to give them.

I'm still considering filing a complaint of hunter harassment against them.

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We also got harassed by three greenhorn GW's for in excess of two hours after taking out.


Could you provide a few more general details as to what LE was 'harrasing' you about?


It appears we are experiencing max enforcement of F&G laws out here in Cali for whatever reason. Some feel it is a financial move to raise funds from fines.


LE is 100% legit with their moves, but many hunters who are not used to max enforcement are getting cited for things they didn't used to, such as possession violations, daily bag violations, etc.


Just curious Tuck :)

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Very nice!

For a second there, I thought you had Mini Me with you. :)


Jackson looks like he's got the fever.


Our day was spent in the poor execution of a good plan.

We brushed up Sean's boat with cedars and restrung all of our diver blocks with 15' of line.


The plan was to make a portable open water rig.


Unfortunately, the 25-40 mph winds made it impossible to anchor up anywhere in the open and we spent most of the day sailing the flats.


I told Sean that he should consider entering the Americas Cup next go 'round.


We didn't shoot single duck, but saw some cans and bluebills.

Some would call it a bad day, but not me.

It beat sitting at home. It beat deer hunting. And we learned some things. That's a good day.

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