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2009 new photo album


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That's the sound 12 lbs of VA resident goose makes when it free falls 20 yards into squishy muck!

They leave an impressive crater too. :D


The two that didn't hit the mud stone dead got stuck and couldn't go anywhere.


13 this morning.

We could have stayed and gotten more, but it was getting hot in a hurry.


I've been nothing but impressed with Black Cloud so far this year.

A couple of these 40-50 yards out.



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I didn't go out today.

Had other business to attend to.


It took myself and my daughter 11 years and 163,000 miles, but we finally killed these two Honda Civic CV Axles.


They're marinating now, but I'm not optimistic about how they're going to turn out. ;)




Honda makes great cars.

This is the second service item it has required.

The other was the timing belt, which is actually overdue for another change.

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Is no one else hunting??? :confused:

Come one guys. Let's see some photos!


Got out one day for dove before going on the road for work. Just got back. More work travel coming up.


Deer/pronghorn/hog hunts coming up in Oct, very busy before our 100 day/15 bird daily limit waterfowl season starts on Oct 24th.


Late season deer in Iowa and maybe archery deer in NoDak during the waterfowl season.


I'll get my days in, just not now. Trying to make it rain $$$ at work is more important these days. Besides, it's a marathon for me, not a sprint :D

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