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2009 new photo album


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I looked high and low for just the right box to enclose the switch wires and protect them from the elements and more importantly, clumsy fumbling duck hunters. When I'd all but given up, I mentioned to my hunting buddy that couldn't find a thing that was right for the job.

He works for the phone company.



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We are getting into our second week up north. The opener in our area was pathetic to say the least, it appeared all the local birds up and moved on out a day or two before the season started. Cold fronts moving in so must have pushed them all south.


I hope this weekend brings a new wave of birds down.

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My cell sucks as well.

Thinking about the Droid.


We hunted one of our blinds today. Specifically, the one with the closed in North side and the metal roof.

Snow, sleet, freezing rain driven by 25-30 mph winds made it feel like the Marriott.


Sleet makes duck decoy rapidly!




We also got harassed by three greenhorn GW's for in excess of two hours after taking out.

Long story made short - My hunting partner doesn't know how to exercise his rights nearly as well as I do.

In the words of Jed Clampet, "I gotta have me a Loooooonnnnng talk with that boy."


I'll be filing formal complaints with their LT's next week.

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