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2009 new photo album


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We haven't had day like this in several years!

Open water surrounded by ice and the timing of the cold front made it so.


It was raining ducks at first light!

Mallards, Gadwalls and Teal mostly.

We limited pretty quickly and packed it in.


The banded greenhead was just the icing on the cake!

Banded Ontario - 11-18-08


Still trying to figure out what the BWT was doing this far north this late. I guess it's just too darned cold in Florida!





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Cold in Florida is right! It has been a bit crazy this past week. The duck action has been hit or miss, but def. slower than last year.


Sat morning we had sleet that lasted almost all day..





I know it isn't much, but it was pretty neat hunting in Fl, with such bizzare weather. I felt like I was back hunting in Pennsylvania, at least for one day!

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That's the stuff!

That right there is the ultimate trophy in duck hunting, my friends.

It just does not get any better than that.


I thought I was having a heck of a year, but this guy is on a kick-azz roll!

Next thing you know, he'll be posting pictures of a 160"+ bow killed whitetail or something crazy like that! ;)


See you Friday AM, Gaston.

I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve over this trip!


Oh yeah, and Sean and I would love to hit the owb one more time if you've got an opening next week sometime.

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Here is a picture of a 1 bird, 1 shot. I was bored and after seeing Mudhen's pics over the years, I decided to take what I thought was a cool pic. Also, don't mind the Beretta. It gets split time in the field with my ole' SBE...




On this hunt, it was 4 degrees out with wind gust of 40+mph. Blowing snow and blowing decoys translate to dumb geese. 5 man limit...All the guys were shooting berettas, and so was I. They used Remoil on it while I used Breakfree CLP on mine. Needless to say, my gun killed all but 2 or 3 of these. We took turns with mine...


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I couldn't let my ole' faithful SBE go unnoticed....Paint chipping off and all...



Here is another hunt where the SBE was used. There were 6 SBE/SBE2's in this one...Started off slow, then all the sudden we were covered up. SHould have held off on the divers, but we never exspected all the green to show up. Sorry for the hens...


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Here are a couple of shots from last week's sea duck outing with flatsspy.

While it's always nice to shoot ducks, that's not the whole experience.

Spending the day with friends and enjoying the scenery, as well gaining some knowledge and experience on a type of hunting I'd never done before, were just as rewarding to me.


The bay was ridiculously slick and calm.

We saw good numbers of ducks, but they seemed to be enjoying the rest afforded them by the warmer temps and complete lack of waves, and they weren't too motivated to move around much.


We picked up a couple of scoters and Gaston and gang in the other boat managed to get a nice oldsquaw.


Flatsspy said it was the worst day he'd ever had sea duck hunting, and he apologized numerous times.

While understand what he was saying, I really don't think the apology was necessary.


I enjoyed the beauty of the area and the company.

Not a bad day at all.


Sunrise on the bay



First string


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