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A Four Man Limit....


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Thanks, flatsspy.

You weren't watching us through that telescope, were you? ;)


I hear you've been tearing up the salt water pretty good as well.

We don't get enough pictures of that kind of thing here, so please post more if you have them.


I'd love to try that one of these days. If you ever have a slot opened, I'd be glad to fill it.

Not a clue what I'm doing on something like that, but that's not going to stop me from trying.

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Nice looking bird Tucker.......I shot one like that last fall really early in the morning setting down into the decoys, and from their I mangaged to blow the holy heck out him at 15 yards.......big bull can too and he was just shot to pieces.


I would do it again, its impossible to pull your shot for a longer approach.

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.....of Canvasbacks!


To see 100 or so these working a big open water spread is the stuff of which dreams are made!


I don't care if I don't shoot the gun any more this year!


Mine is second from the left.




Nice! I hope you guys made the hen shooter pay dearly...I shoot mine in the Napa river and San Pablo Bay in N California, Where are you shooting them?

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When it comes to shooting hens, I tend to rely on the applicable regulations over the drivel of Internet Wizards :)


Btw, I did get a rice can a few days after missing one:




As for the Napa River and SP Bay, thanks for the reminder. Got a buddy with a key to the gate at the launch. See you on opening day and every day possible after that! With the rice being late, I think we'll see a lot of each other!!!

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mudhen, I do most of my shooting in Suisun Bay and Grizzly Bay now. I'm retired and live in Fresno so I don't get out as much anymore. I did shoot a nice drake Old Squaw across from the mothball fleet in Benecia 2 years ago. My first.




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