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NEW Hevi-Shot H-13

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Has anyone heard about the new version of Hevi-13, called Magnum Blend? This stuff has been designed to add speed to the original H-13, and icrease the pattern density by adding pellet count.


Along with the new loads that have been in development for quite a while, are a new line of choke tubes to maximize the shells.


Exciting stuff!:D

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I've done some reading and research. After premeiring at the SHOT show this month, they are supposed to start shipping in mid- to late-January.


Some believe their offering the Magnum Blend, which is a duplex load (5x6x7), is in response to the handloaded Nitro loads out of Missouri. Some people say that the 5's in the load are for the hunter, the 6's (and really the 7's) are for the turkey and are what's doing the dirty work. Maybe the biggest "revolution" with this shell, is that E.M. finally stepped the speed from 1090 to 1200 fps!!! Handloaders have been doing this for years.


Also being released is a #7 load. From what I understand, this is still being held to 1090 fps. For turkey gun enthusiasts, the #7 load is the best load (with a heavier than lead shot) out there. In their opinion, the 5's and 6's in the "Magnum Blend" just take up space that more 7's could have been added. The pellet counts with the right choke and constriction are incredible.



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