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WTS: Aimpoint micro T-1 w/Larue LT661 Mount


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I mounted it in the Reverse set up, with the Lever on the Left Side of the Rail, away from the Dial. I did this backwards because I dont like how the nut is not accessible the other way, since its loc tited in. I called LaRue before i did it just to make sure it was cool, and they said its fine on either side. I havent had any problems yet.....or any surface damage. But I cant argue with Duggan that the rail isnt the best. I keep telling myself I will get one of Kips....but I keep forgetting.

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Hmm, might know a guy interested in this, assuming he has the bread. I'll let you know later today.


That mount is toast. Unless you reverse it. I like it reversed on the Benelli M4, then you don't have the throw lever poking out over the charging handle.


The low mount won't work on an AR anyway.

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