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What are the options for an M4 weapon light?


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Does not exist unless you want something barrel-mounted.


I am getting some parts togather for an M4S90 build again and ordered a Surefire M80, some Magpul railcovers, a Tango Down shorty VFG, and already have a modded Surefire 6P that I plan on running in an in-line mount at the 9 o-clock position. I just placed an order with the guy who builds my LED modules for a 575 OTF lumen XM-L P60 module with a 4000K warm/neutral tint. The XM-L's are new and while I love the SST-50, the XM-L is supposed to be a lot more efficient and have the wonderful tint I love in the XP-G binning. More of a cream-color than a rose-color.


Surefire's lights are all outdated. Find mounting hardware and mount your own. The best I think that exists currently is the SFM80 system with a modded 6P like what I plan on attaching. Of course, tint, output, beam profile, run-time, etc. can all be tailored to your liking/purpose. I wanted something to reach out 150+ yards and light up a football field while still giving a half hour or so run-time. You may want more, or less.

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I've tried a lot of different lighting arrangements with the M4. This is the best one I have come up with.


Minimal added weight. Low profile.

Surefire M80

Surefire M600c

GearSector Offset Mount



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