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  1. This is where I ordered my Meprolight sights. $58.00 plus shipping is the best I could find. http://www.ballisticreload.com/deal.php?id=617 Edit: I misread the original post. I thought you wanted night sights.
  2. I wonder why Benelli doesn't sell M4's in this configuration. It looks very mean. I like it.
  3. I added a pic to show the back of the Mesa carrier. It looks easy to take apart. I do not prefer aluminum over the plastic, but I have not used either in the line of duty, and I don't plan to. However, I would imagine the aluminum would be tougher.
  5. I have two 6 round Mesa Tactical Sureshell Shotshell Carriers for the M4/M1014. Both are new in original package. Price is $75 apiece. Send a PM if you are interested.
  6. Crofton gives good advice. The replacement tube from Carrier Comp is of excellent quality. This is the reason why I have the original mag tube for sale.
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]890[/ATTACH]I have the original 5 round tube with crimped plus 0 extension and -1 plug for a total of 4 rounds. Is this what you are looking for? I would be willing to sell mine. Send a PM if you are interested. I do have the spring and follower.
  8. Gold plating, spinners, maybe some peacock feathers. Pimps asked firearm manufacturers to come up with a semi auto shotgun that would allow them to hang as much useless crap as possible off of it. Benelli answered with the M4. Pimps world wide marveled at the versatility and reliability of the M4. All joking aside, what is wrong with keeping it stock? if I was to do an upgrade solely for the coolness of it, I would get some sort of custom paint job. This may be the only way to truly pimp a M4. I'm pretty sure "pimp" means to be unique, one of a kind, and to stand out. It does not
  9. RickP gives good advise. I don't think it is possible to work the action too hard or too fast. If you are new to firearms, or slide actions, you could seek the help of a firearms instructor. If that is not for you, try an instructional video. Still too pricey? Search the Internet. There are many good videos showing loading and shooting techniques.
  10. Sorry about your luck. Contact customer service again. What else can you do? I have never had a problem with my Benelli so I can't comment on customer service. Make sure you are operating the gun correctly and cleaning/lubing properly. What do you mean by saying "sticks shells"? That is not a very good description of the problem. Did you only try one type/brand of shell? The problem is one of three things. The user, the ammo, or the gun. Make sure the problem is not the user or the ammo. If you still think the gun is the problem contact benelli with a detailed report on what you did
  11. Check out BallisticReload. http://www.ballisticreload.com/deal.php?id=438 I payed $30.00 for one for my M4. I don't like it much. It holds shells just fine, but it makes my shotgun feel too fat. It is slightly in the way when I need to press the bolt release. Obviously we don't have the same gun and I'm not familiar with the Supernova controls. I've never thought the side saddle got in the way on any of my pumps (Rem870, Moss500, 590). However, I do like having extra shells on the gun
  12. If you can't be bothered with aiming, you probably should seek more/better training before you decide you are responsible enough to carry a weapon. A shotgun must be skillfully aimed and fired. Your perception of concealed carry is questionable. Have you ever tried to conceal 8lbs of gun on your person? Full size handguns can be difficult to carry and conceal. Add in comfort and convience, you will find a combat shotgun to be lacking in all areas except stopping power. As a general rule, you should choose the largest caliber in the smallest package that you can shoot one handed (in case
  13. Use the bolt handle to remove the spring retainer cap. Make sure to hold your hand over the end of the magazine so the pieces don't go flying.
  14. @Teufelshund I had to look up sardonic. Adjective:Grimly mocking or cynical. I simply stated the two methods I use to "empty" my magazine. Pardon my terminology. I have read the manual, but I have not studied it. The fact that your technique is faster for you does not apply to me. I can press the carrier latch faster than I can cycle the bolt, and I get the benefit of the shells being placed directly into my open hand. I prefer not to place a live round in the chamber after it has already been cleared. What works best for someone, doesn't work best for everyone. I am n
  15. The quickest way to unload the M4. 1. Point the barrel safely downrange 2. Disengage the safety 3. Pull the trigger until the gun stops going boom However, if I do not wish to send any lead downrange 1. Rack the bolt twice (once to remove a shell from the chamber, again to remove the ghost that was on the carrier) 2. Point the barrel strait up, hold the forearm with your left hand 3. Reach into the loading port with the right hand and press the shell catch lever with the middle finger until the magazine is empty The shells will slide one at a time out of the magazine ont
  16. I would seek the help of a professional. I tried to add a position and had less than satisfactory results. Each new position needs two notches cut into the tube (1 and 9 o'clock looking from the rear). I used a the edge of a square file to start the groove. Then, a round file to shape the groove. I only used a dremel to polish the groove. I could never get things to line up correctly. I couldn't get the stock to lock into place properly. I'm sure this was due to lack of precision. Starting with measuring, continuing with cutting, and ending with fitting. I'm sure it can be done, but
  17. I mounted a rail to the rear barrel ring. That way I can still field strip without tools.
  18. Success! Thank you StrangerDanger. Removal was easier than the directions implied. This was going to be the hardest most feared step in my plans to upgrade. It was so easy. After the locknut budged, I immediately tried turning the recoil tube. It turned with little effort. I am now the very proud owner of an expensive pile of parts waiting for reassembly. Thank you.
  19. With the upcoming release of the US made hammer, I decided it is time to change the recoil tube on my M1014. I have ordered the recoil tube and began disassembly in anticipation. I could not get the recoil tube locking nut to budge. I followed similar steps to remove the magazine and had no problems. Apply heat, twist off. There was very little thread locker on the magazine. I would really like to remove my recoil tube without damaging the receiver. Anybody have first hand experience removing the recoil tube on an early M1014? This would be the American flag version with a date of prod
  20. [quote=SgtCathy;154862 Caution: The use of Dragon's Breath in a hall way with many curtains, draperies and other easily flammable items, may cause charring !! You forgot to explain the proper use of tactical flaming curtains to illuminate the intruder. And don't forget the technique of burning everything you own so it can't get stolen.
  21. I understand you have a field stock for the M4. I am interested in one. Price?

  22. I do not utilize a sling. So I had no problem removing the sling mount and replacing it with a light mount. If I did use a sling, I would cut the ring off of the Streamlight mount and weld it to the sling mount. How strong is it? I don't know. It was made to fit under the magazine endcap on a Remington 870. I imagine it would be more durable than the light itself.
  23. [ATTACH=CONFIG]615[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]616[/ATTACH] a modified Streamlight Remington 870 mount. It is modified to replace the front sling attachment point. Feel free to ask any questions. The mount was $10.00.
  24. [ATTACH=CONFIG]617[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]618[/ATTACH]I had a lot of trouble finding a light mount. I ended up getting a Streamlight Remington 870 mount. I enlarged the ring on the mount. I removed the front sling attachment point (on the barrel ring) and replaced it with my new modified Streamlight 870 adapter. I bought the mount for $10.00. It took about an hour of working with the dremel. Installation took 2 minutes needing only snap ring pliers. You can still field strip without tools because the mount is on the barrel ring, not the magazine.
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