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Benelli M4 -- So, I busted my GG&G oversized Bolt Release


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Like the title says, I broke the bolt release last month. During disassembly of the oversized pad, the pad began spinning the shaft in which it is threaded into. The post which is the button itself on the factory unit is machine fit into the stamped steel. The button itself was never meant to handle a torsional load.


I attempted to stake the button in place. This partially worked, but I could force the button to spin if I tried.


So I contacted GG&G about it. They said to send it in and they would repair or replace it. So I mailed it in around mid October. I received a brand new unit today.


I noticed that they have revised the design somewhat. The edges are more rounded and the engagement face of the pad and the post are significantly better.


If you are disassembling your GG&G pad for whatever reason, heat the unit up to soften the thread locker to reduce the chances of stripping this machine fit piece.

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Thanks for the heads up SD!... Sorry you had an issue, this is about the first time I recall any issues reported here with the GG&G outside of some difficulties with the installation.....Are the more rounded edges you are talking about the actual outline of the pad or the serrations on the pad face itself?

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Your pad is pretty new, it is probably the same as the new one I received. The edges of the pad are a lot more rounded and they knocked the edge of the serrations down some.


Certainly a weak spot. If I take mine off again, I'm going to hold the pad in place with an adjustable wrench. That way the pad won't be trying to twist.

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It certainly can be an issue. However, I've had the GG&G pad on my M4 since 2005, and this was the first failure. I had removed the part several times for various reasons. I lost track after 250 miles of back country trekking with the M4. The pad had taken several solid hits on barriers and some rocks over the years. I wish there was a way to add a fence around the button.

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For those that use the rectangular-styled carrier control button and do not want to mark the receiver gun art, you can cut small strips of electrical shrink tubing and apply with heat gun. Besides protecting the finish, there is added grip when your thumb is applied. Also useful when adding control levers to carbine platforms to protect the finish.




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