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spotter scopes


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With such an open-ended question you're likely to get as many different answers as there are actual spotting scopes. You've got to ask yourself a number of questions in order to narrow down the possibilities:

What do I need a spotting scope for? Or, asked another way, what level of quality do I really need? Identifying 223 hits @ 200 yards? Or checking 308's at 1000? Looking at birds in the back yard? Scoping for Bighorns on the next rocky ridge?

How much do I have to spend? $250? $1000? $4000.

How much an I really going to use it? Every weekend? Once a month? Once a year?

I could tell you that I'm happy with my old mid-range KOWA. I could also tell you I'm ecstatic with my new higher-end Swarovski. But you're probably going to be using one differently than me.

Lots of variables. I'd do a whole lot of interweb searching and narrow down the possibilities that fit within your needs & budget.

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anyone know of any good spotter scopes? in the market for one



Yes. But mine's not for sale.


I'm with TruckCop on this one.


Spotting birds or bullet holes ?

These are good to about 300M for bullet holes in white paper; after that it's helpful to have a wireless camera system




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