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Off-topic-ish??? Does anyone go to Blade Show? I like to carry a knife with my M4


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I carry a knife too but I don't go to blade show. I don't get on the knife forums either. Not super into it like that. Stick to the handful of brands that have worked for me and I feel are a good value. I don't have time to dig around in it because I'm not a collector.

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If it was in PHX or close I would be there every year.

I'm partial to Kingdom Armory folders and fixed blades...but I have a pimped out Strider SNG...and then there is that Strider/Dwyer Combat Kitchen knife.....

If I carry a production its a Zero Tolerance 350 or a Spyderco Rock lobster.

The Al Mar Sere is a great knife..a true classic.

Not familiar with Shirogorov's although I have seen the name around plenty of times.

What do you like about them?

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You guys listed a bunch of brands that I've never heard of and probably cost so much that I would be crushed if I lost it or had to, heaven forbid, use it. :)


I carry a Benchmade Griptilian in either size for edc and have a mix of ESEE and Survive Knives and Benchmade fixed blades for my other gear. Mostly buy only Survive Knives fixed blades these days but they take a long time to show up. Excellent knives though. Superb value for money.

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I like my Benchmade knives. They don't make mine anymore. The HK auto-axis and autostryker.


I have a Spyderco, but it's more of bought it for looks than anything else. It's a little folding knife with the spyder cut out in a web on the blade and whole handle.

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