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BENELLI OPTIC RAIL The decisive Trijicon RMR mount for the Benelli m4


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Thanks, HKP2000!


Hi everyone. Some of you may have seen coverage of our new light-weight Aimpoint Micro mount on the popular mil and firearm blogs, but we would like to introduce you to our Trijicon RMR mount for the Benelli m4.





The Scalarworks Benelli Optic Rail for Trijicon RMR sights (BOR/RMR) is the lowest profile and lightest means of mounting a Trijicon RMR to a Benelli m4 shotgun.

Scalarworks BOR/RMR key features:


  • Improves sight picture by placing Red Dot Sight just above Benelli m4 factory iron sights.
  • Streamlines Benelli m4 profile as compared to using a separate Picatinny mount.
  • Weighs only 1.15oz. – lighter than even the bare Benelli m4 rail.
  • Provides eight MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny slots for mounting accessories.
  • Compatible with all Trijicon RMR sights (RM01-RM08).
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Made in USA.

Visit the BOR/RMR product page for complete details.


The BOR/RMR is available right now from https://scalarworks.com with an MSRP of $119.

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This product has been a long time coming!


Thanks! We're really excited to bring the BOR/RMR to market. We love the Benelli M4 platform and are committed to making as many high performance parts for it as possible.


Wonder how the sight picture is while using a C-Stock in the 2nd position...


The BOR/RMR is designed to co-witness with the iron sights at the very last moment before it's obscured by the body of the Trijicon RMR. This preserves the maximum field of view in the most common Benelli M4 configurations: factory PG stock, field stock, and C-stock fully extended, as well as the C-stock half extended while wearing body armor.


It offers the most natural transition from irons to reflex sights possible for the vast majority of Benelli M4 shooters..

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Wow....very nice.




Wonder how long an RMR would handle the abuse of an M4?


A very, very long time. The Trijicon RMR is the most rugged small form factor reflex sight we know of. Its durability and ruggedness are precisely why we chose it for our first dedicated Benelli M4 sight mount.

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Outstanding......may have to give this a try. Would be a lower profile than the T1 I have installed now


Significantly lower profile and 2.74oz lighter!


Would it be possible to get a picture is the sight picture through the RMR?


We're doing one better and getting a short video together for everyone. Stay tuned!

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Nice execution. Those looking to shave weight could remove the rear sight housing too. That thing weighs quite a bit.


Absolutely. That thing weighs 2.82oz! But beware the screws that hold it in place are staked. So if you want to go back you'll have to take special measures to ensure it stays on securely.


If it provided a Co-witness with the ghost rings sights, I would buy it in a heart beat. Until then I will stick with a T-1 on a Larue QD. Here is a pic of a Burris Speed Bead Co-witnessing the ghost rings on a Super Nova.


Keep your credit card handy ;-) We're going to post up a short video showing the actual sight picture going from center of RMR window to co-witness with iron sights just at its bottom edge. Stay tuned.


I apologize for the confusion that my earlier post about the BOR/RMR's sight picture might have caused. The video will clear all of this up.

Edited by Scalarworks
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You convinced me, I'm in for 1. I just happen to already own the Trijicon RMR. Might have to buy another RMR though, my pistol likes it where it is. You could probably sell the RMR on your website and put it up as a package deal.


Thanks. Your BOR will ship out today. Post some pics when you get it set up.


By the way, do you recommend the 6.5 MOA dot or the 3.25 MOA ?


Both MOA are great. Both have their applications. But we lean towards the 3.5 MOA. Aim small, miss small.


To the human eye the dot appears much brighter than in the above video. It's a really great sighting setup.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Will try to get some. My task is to assemble the aftermarket parts, then ship them to the FFL handling the export.


Basic plan for the build is;

Benelli M4 H20

Benelli OEM collapsible stock with the aluminum frame, cheek guard fasteners, steel grip block coated in NP3+

Benelli OEM Trigger guard coated in NP3+

FFT Trigger

FFT Disconnector

FFT 1/2" Titanium bolt handle

TTI Shell Elevator

TTI Safety (Coated in NP3+)

GG&G Oversized Bolt Release (Coated in NP3+)

Ava Tactical Light Mount (Coated in NP3+)

Surefire KE2-A 500 Lumen Light Head (Cerakoted to match the NP3)

Surefire Lumamax I4 Light Body and Tailcap (Cerakoted to match the NP3)

Meprolight Night Sights

Scalarworks Top Rail

Trijicon RMR LED Adjustable Optic (Cerakoted to match the NP3)

IWC Magpul MOE QD Sling Mount for the Collapsible Stock

BlueForceGear Padded QD Sling with aluminum hardware, Typhoon Kryptec pattern

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