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Benelli M4 in John Wick 2


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Plus they have these new theaters with large Lazyboy-type reclining chairs and they serve real food and alcoholic beverages. The main advantage is you are farther away from the people around you but still close enough to your honey-bunny for a sterling evening.

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I agree 100%. Have not been to the movie theater in more than 15 yrs.


I go, but only when it's for company as on a date, or hanging out with friends, etc. Just me? I have no feelings of awkwardness about it, I just don't care enough, by myself, to go without the impetus of another person urging me to go, as well.

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Never got the appeal of company in a theater.. No talking dark and loud in scuzzy chairs breathing the same air as the guy in front of you. Seems like a health and safety risk to me. But then again I'm not very fond of crowded or populated areas either.


I think the last movie I saw in theaters was Inception. Usually gotta be dragged along and I have to be a little interested.


ill probably watch it one way or another. Hopefully it's not full of cheese and believable most of the way through.

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I went and saw it. It was pretty awesome. There was only one time when I found myself coaching John Wick on how to operate the Benelli. He ran out of shells and needed one more and instead of throwing it into the ejection port, he closed the bolt, put one in the tube, and racked it. I will have to watch that scene again when it comes out on video, but I was not sure why he loaded that way. Maybe I missed something.


The first time he reloaded, he even flipped it upside down over his shoulder like I do. I was impressed with the gun-play in the movie. It is a must see.



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