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A new addition to the collection!!!


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Well, was looking for another 45acp pistol (all mine are 1911 other than the CMMG Banshee). Was kinda hoping to find a Sig P320 in 45 or another polymer style pistol. I came across this. A NFH FNX-45 Tactical. Had an extra light and RMR to put on it. Ready to go to the range and try her out with and without my TiRant 45. Think she'll go good with my M4.And I think I got her at a great price. $800 out the door. 

IMG_1260 copy.jpg

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Great price, great!  I've had my Tac for 6 years.  Awesome pistol, suppresses well.  Unfortunately, mine hasn't seen as much daylight as it deserves.

I'm currently in the process of upkeep on it.  I want to replace the sights because the tritium is dimming and I'm going to get an SRO for it.

I ditched the RMR because to me the battery location is unacceptable.  I'd prefer to try a Delta Point Pro but it doesn't quite fit without doctoring/filing it down.

I had planned to go the Aimpoint Acro route but I sold mine when it was NIB.  All the horrific battery life issues made me drop it like a hot potato.  Aimpoint really screwed the pooch on that one.

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