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Fall 2020 M4 Ultimate build


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Hi folks - I’ve been reading all your opinions for months now, and I really appreciate that this is a relatively tight group of enthusiasts, with a small group of trusted suppliers that make parts.  I got my M4 recently, and here is what I’ve done so far as well as what I’m doing.  Would love your thoughts on a few things:

Sling: Vickers combat sling (installed on factory sling mounts)

Optics: Scalarworks Mount with RMR (Should arrive next week)

Mag Tube: Put myself on the list for a Carrier Comp, but would love to hear thoughts on this vs. the Briley CF tube.

Grip: I ordered the Briley 8” MLOK grip from Dissident Arms late last week.  I haven’t seen a lot of photos of the 8” installed so I’m really excited about this.  Unclear on what production/shipping timelines are here.

Stock: standard PG stock.  I’m in NY so no collapsible stock in my future 

Charging Handle: seems like FFT is hit or miss?  The GG&G slotted handle looks good but I’d love opinions here.  The changing handle debates on this forum seem to go back nearly 10 years so I’m unsure on the latest thoughts around this.


Ive wanted an M4 for years and this is recent buying-orgy is likely the beginning of my midlife crisis.  Open questions I haven’t really researched In depth but would love opinions on:

tactical flashlight and mounting solution given that I’m getting the Briley 8”

cerakote (unsure on color and/or if I can trust a LGS to do this if they don’t specialize in the M4.  I want something unique and it’s hard to tell what colors will look like online)

side saddle

G10 rail scales for the Briley MLOK.


When all is said and done I intend to have a showpiece that I can show off to y’all!



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31 minutes ago, Brentius said:

Sounds like an awesome build. I have been looking for benelli M4 tactical for a few weeks now and i have no look at all. If you know a place that has one, i would be greatly appreciative.

I got mine on gunbroker.  Just be prepared to pay over MSRP

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It sounds like you're off to a good start!
Speaking from experience, the CC tube is amazing. I like the Briley, but I prefer the titanium. Charging handle on mine is a Briley and I am very happy with it. 
As for the c-stock, could you get away with replacing the recoil tube and installing a pinned stock? It would be almost exactly like the M1014.
If you can go that route, picking up a used but in great condition single location recoil tube should be cheap since most folks get rid of them in favor of the multi-point tube that's on your gun. Then it's just a matter of finding a c-stock for a reasonable price.
For a flashlight, take a look at the Surefire M600DF. Pretty much the best out there at the moment, at least for shotguns. 

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I generally agree with @ClackClackBAM, good advice.


I’d also add that you’ll want to look at a couple of key upgrades:


-Oversized bolt release: the stock one sucks, I have the GG&G one myself and like it a lot.

-new shell lifter (TTI, FFT). The stock one can really cut up your thumb, I’d go aftermarket 

-Oversized safety. Makes manipulation a lot easier. I have a Dave’s Metal Works one, but there’s a few good options out there.


-Forend: I’d honestly ask yourself if you need an MLOK forend as opposed to an IWC light mount. The real benefit of MLOK is getting the longer forend so that you can reduce barrel shadow with a light. But if you’re getting the 8” one, I don’t see the benefit myself.


-Trigger: I did not like the stock trigger myself, went with FFT. I love it. YMMV. 


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On 9/22/2020 at 1:15 PM, Benji716 said:

I got mine on gunbroker.  Just be prepared to pay over MSRP

So did I !  top dollar but you'll get one.

Interested in all of the OP Q&A

I also live right around the block from Taran Tactical. I inquired about dropping the M4 H20 and having them do the package upgrade. 

If anybody has done this please chime in. 

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I've bought and tried every charging handle there is (except the ultra rare CC). I like the new version TTI the best, but this is a personal journey.


The Briley handguard is good if you want to speed load and rapid fire... and not burn your hand from touching the barrel. It wraps around the top barrel which is great. If you're just casual shooter... My favorite is the Agency handguard.

IWC or AVA (if you can source) paired with a scout for light/mount. Surefire or Midnight... Or Streamlight if you're on a budget.


A point on the G10 on Briley handguard.. depending on your handsize, it might not be needed. You'll notice that there's a sort of built in rail cover breaking up the. Mlok. For my hands, I felt more comfortable going one space below that on my fingers so added a G10. You'll also need to keep in mind the screw on the 1/2 mlok rail row that will prevent you from fixing a scale on that last slot. Pics attached



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