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Benelliparts.net Shady / price gouging

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CALLING it FAKE NEWS. what a dumb ass statement to make.

Perfectly legal but it does sound pretty shady.

HK2000.....judging from your prior posts, you appear to be the owner or in some way connected to Benelliparts?   Do you mind addressing the information contained in Nethawk’s posts as it relates to th

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Gm2376 and Hk2000...you guys continue to ignore the people who paid Benelliparts for a stock in September and have not received one yet, while Benelliparts apparently is selling them on Gunbroker at an inflated price.  I guess no one at Benelliparts wants to address the elephant in the room.  So be it.  Maybe your paying customers or prospective customers won’t be too happy when they see all of this.  I guess you would be happy if the customers who paid you in September cancel their orders now so you can sell the stocks at an inflated price, but what about your other items?  You guys aren’t the only game in town for those other parts.  I’m through with this idiotic response from you guys.  If I do not receive my stock I will try to get the money back from my credit card company and contact the state of California attorney general or whoever handles this kind of stuff.  I assume all of that will not be necessary

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I stopped doing business with Benelliparts.net a while ago because of his terrible business practices. Called Benelli about him and everything. They told me he’s “on their radar” and most certainly NOT an authorized dealer and is illegally using their trademark on his site. Buyer Beware with this dude.  

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^reporting him to Benelli is kind of a dick move. Sure he might be an asshole, but he's also the only game in town for owners to get fairly rare OEM parts. I'm willing to bet many have bought and received parts from him without issue (me included) and at reasonable prices (compared to what we see on gunbroker or ebay) if you get in on pre-order. Shutting down this flow of parts would hurt the community more than help.


Either way, I think this thread has really ran its course at this point. 

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