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my (somewhat) completed M4


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my M4 build, 11707 model (purchased august 2020):

mesa tactical urbino stock with limbsaver

carriercomp titanium extended mag tube with spring and follower

trijicon rmr on scalarworks mount

freedom fighters tactical 1/2" steel charging handle

IWC light and sling mount

streamlight TLR-1 HL

blue force gear vickers sling

grovtech QD swivel

chokes: C, IC, plus the M supplied with the gun


thanks to several here (especially stranger danger) for the inspiration and instructions. 





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Very nice. One part that I really appreciate is the GG&G bolt release pad. It ranks right up there with your light/sling mount in my opinion. I like the GG&G product much more than any other option I've ever seen.

I have aluminum and velcro side saddles and prefer the Esstac Shotgun Cards. I know is sounds stupid to velcro something to such a nice shotgun, but the aluminum ones really aren't all they're cracked up to be. Shells fall out of the aluminum ones, but are simple to load. Esstac cards hold shells securely, but a bit harder to load. I prefer shell retention over simplicity to load any day because they are supposed to be 'shell holders'. I put shell carriers on the receiver of all my shotguns.


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Briley does sell some titanium chokes that are really nicely made. They're a fraction of an ounce lighter than the OEM choke. However, their location at the end of the barrel makes that fraction of an ounce more valuable. You have to be at the top of your game to notice a difference here though. 


I'd recommend the Briley choke grease, their choke brush, and their choke tightening tool to have in your kit.

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