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Just saw this QD Rotation Limited Sling MOUNT-N-SLOT for Buttstock for a Benelli M4 ( using the collapsible stock. Anyone using this and what is your opinion of it


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15 hours ago, Unobtanium said:

I see no need for it as I run a QD up front on the IWC mount. Only 1 end needs QD, IMO. If you aren't using the IWC, you should be. You need a light!

Yeah i have the iwc light mount with qd points.  U r right it is a awesome mount 

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5 hours ago, M2_shootr said:

It installs with no modifications at all. Installed one a few months ago on new “blue m4”.

I first used one of these about ten years ago. It’s awesome for a QD sling cup

LOOOOL had to bring up the blue m4 lol, ?.  That is great to hear.  I ordered one and should go great with my iwc light mount

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7 hours ago, NineInchNails said:

They've been making those for multiple uses so I'm sure it will work as advertised. I prefer QD sling sockets on all of my ARs, shotguns and other rifles. I'd certainly use one of those on my Benelli M4 if I had the collapsible stock.

You can run a QD on a non-collapsible as well. 



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