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Benelli M3 Tactical


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4 hours ago, Gregor22 said:

The Benelli M3 is much better than the M1, M2, or M4. It is the most reliable Benelli in the M series due to the fact that it can be switched to pump mode. It is a very nice shotgun, and is very accurate with slugs. I own one, and would never give it up for two M4s.

Owned both the M3 & M4 (can’t speak for the M1) Out of the 2 the M4 is much better IMO! The M3 is not as reliable in SA and is awkward as a pump. The M4 has been 100% reliable with everything including low brass junk that chocked the M3. Also the M4 is better balanced, much easier to take down and actually has aftermarket options. That said the M3 isn’t bad, I just wouldn’t pick it over the M4…. For any reason…  To each their own….





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At one point I had every single tactical shotgun along with an SBE2. I got bored and started mixing and matching different parts and end up with that franken gun. I can give you a good idea of what can interchange and what can't.


  • M4 entire front end
  • M4 bolt Assembly
  • M2 Receiver
  • M2 Trigger Group
  • Wolff Extra high power hammer spring (this is very important!)
  • M3/Supernova Comfortech Stock (P/N 61176)
  • Thin charging handle (a regular M4 handle would not work)

All that together you got what I have. There's really nothing from stopping you putting on a comfortech stock to a regular M4; consequently if one was to do so the edges of the grip would not line up. You would also need a M2 trigger guard on the M4 receiver.

The few friends who have shot my franken gun like it better than the regular M4. It is lighter but the weight is shifted more upfront because of the aluminium Raffaello  recoil system I put in it. I had the 5-position plastic stock on it a while ago. The check riser works well with the SRO.

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On 8/29/2021 at 11:10 PM, MrMilitaryPolice said:

i had that M3 with the top folding stock back in the day..wish i had kept it now

Like these? Oddly, they did not skyrocket in price like I expected them to with the craze with guns such as the SPAS-12 going for $4,500+ where 2 years ago they were $1,800. The SPAS-12, SPAS-15, and the M3 are the only ones I can think of off the top that has the pump/semi-auto functionality. There are probably others (if so, please remind me).


I'll weigh in on this since I have (or have had) those mentioned... The M3 is a very versatile shotgun. I understand it could be ideal for police and security to be able to use less-lethal rounds. I believe the M4 shoots the softest of any of these inertia guns (not including my 20 gauge Montefeltro). However, I think the most versatile of the modern Benelli lineup is the SBE for hunting thanks to its 3.5" chamber. With the right combination of barrels, and other accessories it can go from competent home defense gun to goose/turkey hunting in a minute. M4 can do most of that, but with the shorter chamber, it limits its capability some particularly for large birds (Geese, cranes, etc)


With the exception of my M4's, all of my current Benelli's are HK Import models. I've got an M1T, shot an M2 in competition until someone offered me way more than I had in it. I have these 2 M3T Folders as well as an unfired 11711 H2O M4, and a regular M4 with the c-stock, extended mag tube, etc. I've also got a 20 gauge Montefeltro and two SBE's, with all barrel options including both a complete SBE1 and SBEII set along with a slug barrel along with the required modified forearm with Leupold VX-2 SLAM scope (not pictured). When I was younger, we had an SL-80 (predecessor to the 121-M1 if I remember right). It was my very first exposure to the inertia system. Previously I had only been around recoiling barrel, gas-operated, pump, and break-action single shots.


M1T: I have straight and pistol grip stock, and two barrels.



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There's a full auto Benelli M3 that was prototyped.

Beretta M3P is also cool and unusual. Surprisingly there a large number of these in Japan.


Benelli took over manufacturing for the SPAS-15 funny enough and updated it a few ago.

There are also a few Turkish M3 clones, they aren't noteworthy enough for me to name them.

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