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Old Benelli M4 parts needed


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If you have any old parts that you don't need, may I buy them? I have a Benelli m4 clone, and I want to check compatibility for some of the parts before I purchase them online.  I'm primarily interested in the pistons, gas plug and trigger housing/ trigger parts. 

I'll pay for shipping and whatever cost you think is fair. The parts don't need to be functional- I just want to see how they fit and if they're 100% compatible. I stripped down a benelli at the gun shop, and the pistons/ plugs seem slightly bigger.

In retrospect, I wish I had just saved up for a Benelli. The salesperson for my M4 clone said it was basically identical. Well, he was wrong. After stripping the M4, there are several differences I noticed in quality and fit n finish. 

My clone shoots ok, some days better than others... but I need something more reliable for a self defense shotgun. I've spent countless hours cleaning, upgrading and adjusting this clone to get it to fire consistently without jamming... very frustrating. I'm considering replacing a few more parts since I'm already so deep in to it...

If interested, please PM me or email to [email protected] 






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I've replaced the recoil spring and added a stronger magazine tube to help with feeding/ jam issues.

One other problem is the magazine cap retaining shoulder pin comes out every time I clean/ disassemble the gun. Real M4's have a shoulder pin inserted from behind with a true shoulder to keep it in. 

When I took apart the pistons, the O-rings were disintegrated.... not even 100 rounds. I bought replacements online. 

The gun just seems cheap. It functions, but may jam every 10-15 rounds, then I'll need to clear it... not good for a self defense shotgun... I need more reliability. 

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On 5/11/2022 at 8:33 AM, Unobtanium said:

I have a Benelli oem polymer trigger housing, stripped, if its of interest. I'm open to offers.

Thanks, but I'm hoping to find a metal one... however, if you want $10 plus $5 shipping, I'll cashapp/ PayPal $15 just so I can get something to compare it too... PM me details if interested 

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