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Benelli M4 Refresh After 13 Years

John P.

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I’ve been on the forum since 2007 and finally bought an M4, new, in 2010.  Bought the Carriercomp tube back then, and subsequently used the Sidearmor rail when that was a thing.  Got rid of that heavy monstrosity a while ago.  Started with the fixed pistol grip stock, and then replaced it with the Mesa Tactical Urbino when that was released.  Recently decided the field stock was better for me.  Here’s where it’s at now:



OEM aluminum trigger guard (came this way in 2010)

Shooting Sight NiB Benelli hammer

Taran Tactical Accuguide shell lifter

DMW enlarged safety



Loading port opening by RAS (Rose Action Sports)

Enlarged circular bolt release button by RAS

FFT Mil Spec Rail

Midwest Industries QD Low Aimpoint T1 mount

Aimpoint T2

RX Arms Benelli M4 Charging Handle Titanium



Carriercomp titanium magazine tube 

Wolff magazine tube spring

Brownell’s magazine follower

Benelli cylinder choke

Impact Weapons Components Mount LBM41913



Benelli field stock

Limbsaver pad 10403 Benelli

Noveske flush QD mount x 2

Stock and handguards painted in Multicam by Branden at Custom Gun Coatings

Blue Force Gear Vickers sling in Multicam, sewn QD push button mounts

Blue Force Gear Sling Sleeve in Multicam



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9 minutes ago, StreetSweeper56 said:

Yes, it's beautiful John! I looked up who did the camo job, he's out of Smithville Mo. I'm originally from KC so I know it well. Did he do your loading port also? I might have to give him a call, thanks for posting it!

Thanks—the loading port and bolt release was done by Steve Rose, Rose Action Sports (RAS).  He’s a member here and posted in this thread a few posts up.

Brendan at Custom Gun Coatings did the paintwork on the forends and stock.  Earlier in the year he did paintwork on a Tikka project for me, too

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