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will the 12 gauge model legacy shoot 16 gauge shells?

chris v

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Absolutely! As a matter of fact, it will shoot ALL shotgun gauges, as well as most rifle calibers also. Here's a fun trick, jam a 10 gauge shell down the chamber (you'll need to "whittle" down the end with a knife and use a large hammer to get it in there), and touch off the trigger - man, what a blast!


PS - Please tell me that you are not married and live alone, as you need to be removed (permanently) from the human gene pool.

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Ill follow up on Duckers reply


If you use the wrong size/wrong gauge shell, it can get stuck in the forcing cone and explode!


A smaller size might slide in too far, and an improper length will expand too much as it is fired and blow your gun apart.


Always follow the data stamp on your weapon

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People, people, people....


Matt Hack is on the ball, there are no options, no accessories, no ideas, no feelings....for the love of God, a 12g semi-auto is a 12g semi-auto, an orange is an orange, a dog is a dog, etc.....STOP ALREADY! NO, NO, NO. The is only one answer to this posted question - NO!


Wow, I feel much better...

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Hi Everybody,


At the local gun store I snoop around in, when you walk in, hanging from the ceiling are many shotguns, rifles and pistols that people have fired with the wrong ammunition. Burst barrels, chambers and actions blown apart. Sort of an unspoken reminder to use only what the manufacturer recommends.



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