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What’s going on in other states?

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My choices are pretty slim for transportation. My truck gets about 14-15/gallon, and my car gets around 4-5/gallon......I took it to work on Easter (work is about 2 miles from my house) and I used a quarter tank of gasgetting there and back. So I think my truck is gonna have to do for now.


Fewer trips to Green Bay to go shopping at Gander Mountain and Sportmans Warehouse. :( Fewer miles on the 4-wheeler. :( Too bad we can't collectively say "No, we aren't going to pay that much" and make them lower it.

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Can I assume that everybody saw the "Don't buy Exxon/Mobil e-mail that's been going around for about 6 months? The theory being if NOBODY buys gas from the biggest supplier, THEY will lower their prices to draw customers away from the other guys ... which will make the other guys in turn lower their prices, etc, etc, etc. Makes sense on paper ... and at least it's SOME form of revolt. :confused: :mad:


[ 04-21-2006, 06:47 PM: Message edited by: Butch-M ]

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Originally posted by cmhunter:

Pretty tough to pull a boat with a bike don't you think?

Finally, logic steps into this conversation ;)



I've seen the e-mails about Exxon Mobil, but I've also seen local distributors' trucks leave the off-brand station, drive across the street, and fill up the Exxon tanks.


I'm not sure the boycotting of a brand will have any effect at the levels that need to be affected.


I'd like to see everybody take a week off, stay home and re-connect with their families, maybe paint a room or two, and let the greedy sumbiches begin to choke on their supply because demand dropped off to nothing.

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Cheapest I can remember gas being is about twenty cents a gallon.


I was mowing lawns for a living and I'd do a 2,000 sq ft lawn for $5.00, and I had a killer profit margin.

Used a 3.5 hp 20" push mower.

A typical Saturday would yield $10 or $15.

Serious pocket change for a 10-11 yr. old.


Now, I wouldn't even consider driving a few miles to look at your lawn for $5.00. tongue.gif

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I've been driving all night, and I'm in a motel ablout halfway to Idaho, taking a break.

I didn't want to stop, but the wife and kids said I had to do it.


A few hours sleep and I get online and read that it was a TYPO?!?!


Dude, I was in the process of moving!

Next time, be more careful tongue.gif


/headed back to VA

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