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Center bead off center


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lol @ Tuck


I said it before, and I'll say it again....it's not the Space Shuttle........it's a shotgun. If the little ball up there bothers you that **** much, then call CS. If that doesn't get you anywhere, then I guess you deal with it. What's gonna happen one day when you accidentally drop it and put a big scratch in it somewhere? Are you going to complain that it's made from faulty metal?

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Originally posted by joe117:

"How did I ever kill anything with that big ol' Raybar orange blob on my Ithaca 37's


How 'bout that marsh-malo thing that comes on most Brownings


It is a frickin' mirackle I ever kilt anything before joe117 rode in to save the day!"


What are you talking about Mudhen?

What has me pointing out that the mid bead is off center on my gun got to do with "marsh-malo" things?


"Save the day"? That doesn't even make sense.


You really think that what I posted about the mid bead being off center should not have been said?


I wouldn't care if the gun came without a mid bead. I don't know why it has one.


But since they decided to put one on there, I would have thought that it would be centered close enough so that people wouldn't look at it and ask why it's off to the right.


I'll tell you what, if you think that I'm being unreasonable to point this out,

you have been drinking the cool aid.

Are you truly this dense :confused:


End beads and mid-beads have always been intended as general wing shooting references only. Serious slug hunters have always added some sort of adjustable sight to gain slug accuracy or bought slug barrels with iron sights.


I've never had one bead be perfectly centered on any brand of shotgun going back to guns made in the 1920's & 30's.


How slug-accurate can any of these brands really be when the end beads are Ray-Bars or the overly large white sight Browning has been using for years :confused:


Me thinks you have no clue...


But you are certainly entitled to howl at the moon all you want, knock yourself out smile.gif


mudhen - CA

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I'm distraught. :( Not only do I HAVE a center bead ... it's offset! On TOP of that ... I've been beating the snot out of my barrel. Two dings in the rib! I don't know whether to self flagellate or just sit with my head in my hands. :eek: :eek:


NOW ... I'm going to convince myself that the right side offset is DESIGNED by those Italian bass#@*ds FOR right handed shooters and not take it personally. (Conspiracy???) :mad: I don't want anybody bursting my rationalization. Far as the dings go ... I don't know how to handle that yet. :confused: But ... I'll figure out something to ease the pain and suffering. I'm leaning towards blaming the airlines for whacking my barrel around when I was flying down to the Kenedy Ranch in Texas for some spectacular waterfowl shooting last January. I'm telling myself the finish being worn off on sections of the receiver is a sign of extensive use, and indicates all the FUN I've been having with my Benelli. The same feeling I get when I look at my grandfather's old 1920 Browning A5 that has NO bluing left, and zero checkering left ... completely worn down and gone checkering!!! smile.gif That works for me. Otherwise ... I could think this gun is ready for the scrap heap. ;) :cool:

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I just got off the phone with Benelli CS asking about my center bead offset.


The nice lady said that it is supposed to be centered.

She said I could send the barrel back.


I told her that it wasn't that big a deal and that I wouldn't be sending it back.

I just wanted to know if it was offset as some kind of adjustment.

Again, she said no, it is supposed to be centered.


So then I asked about the butt pad on my new Ultra Light 12ga.

The bottom corner broke off.


She said that they might be able to send me a new pad.

But the gun was so new that they might not have a new pad. She will check on that and call me back tomorrow.


She said if they don't have one in stock, then I will have to send the gun back.

They will then take the pad off another gun and send it back to me.


I said, why not just send me the pad from another gun if you don't have the pads in stock.


She said that if they need to pull a pad off another gun, they need to have my gun first.


And it will take about three weeks.


See? That makes sense doesn't it?


I hope they have a pad in stock so I don't have to send them my brand new gun for a major pad replacement.

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Originally posted by garren:

What happens in the house, stays in the house.



How did I luck out with all the tarded questions that I ask and not get blasted by Tucker? Is it my charismatic personality? My dashing good looks? The fear that my 20ga. Nova strikes in the hearts of other men?


The world may never know.


Of course I think I ticked off Mudhen once by asking everyone if they actually eat the ducks they shoot. But that's water under the bridge, again I'm sure that's due to reasons above. That and I'm one helluva guy.


Yeah. Bite me. :D

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