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HELP!! Defective Legacy Shotgun


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I am seeking some advice. Last year I purchased a Legacy gauge and have had nothing but trouble with the firearm. At 65 rounds, the rear stock cracked right behind the rear of the receiver. Sent it to Maryland for warranty, 6 weeks later got it back. Second stock, 5 rounds, cracked in almost the exact same place. Sent it back again, 9 weeks later, third stock and 150 rounds later a large chunk of the stock broke off hitting my safety glasses nearly knocking them off my face.


So, $1300 gun, can't fire more than 150 rounds without it breaking and I could have been blinded for life.


Solution from Benelli...send it back again. By the time I get it back, if it is actually fixed, hunting season will be over.


I have asked for another firearm or a refund but Benelli refuses until the gun meets some type of a "review board".


Regardless, I am out a hunting gun and am now afraid the gun may seriously injure me.


Any advice on what to do?


Maybe if enough people read this therad Benelli will take action so post-up.

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Sounds like you're out of luck. I'd try calling Benelli and try talking to someone higher up. Aks to speak to the operator's manager and tell him the whole situation. If that doesn't look I'd send in the shotgun for the review board and pick up a used shotgun for the season and hope benelli will send you a new gun.

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Ah dude, you must be a pretty easy going guy, by now I would have shashed the piece-o-sh t. Ain't that somethin, guy spends $1000 plus and you get how much lost shooting time. It really does make you wonder are these guns really worth this kind of $$$. Good luck, at least your Remingtons and Brownings will not crap out like that!!!

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Sounds to me like Benelli does NOT CARE about its American Customer,,the Condor is JUNK also !!!

Now I have 2 Stoeger Model 2000's and I am a NERVOUS WRECK on whether the 2 Guns will even make it through Duck And Goose season !? I already have the PIN that holds the Trigger assembly in Backing out half way after 50 Shots!

I Bought a Condor for my Wife on Monday October 8th,,Brought the Gun home,,an I CLEANED IT THROUGHLY,,went out to shoot it,,and the TOP Barrel will NOT SHOOT !!!

So I called Dicks Sporting Goods when the Gun would NOT fire the Top Tube,,Dick's said to send it back to STOEGER !!! So I cleaned it 6 MORE times,and the SAME THING !!! so I called Dicks Sporting goods again and told them I had 3 days by State (Ohio) Law to get my Money Back,,and Dicks said they STILL wouldnt do it,,so I am going to get a Lawyer,,I KNOW it will cost me MORE to get a Lawyer than the Gun is even worth,,but it is the Principal that Stoeger/Benelli KNOWINGLY sends a BOAT LOAD of JUNK over here to make a QUICK DOLLAR and then they do NOT want to stand behind their Product AND they Specifically Told Dicks Sporting Goods People to NOT take the Guns back,,and to let Stoeger/Benelli handle the Problem(I have 1 guy that will back me)

AND they do NOT want to follow State Law !!! Thank God I got a Big Settlement a couple Years ago to fund this!!!

BUT it gets better,,My Wife comes on today an does a search,it takes her to the Archives or whatever it is and there is a TON of Complaints on there,,so It took a TON of Paper,,but I copied them ALL !!! because I have ALL of these OPEN COMPLAINTS with 90% of the SAME PROBLEMS and then they all get THE SAME ANSWERS of what is wrong from Stoeger,,and THEN Stoeger ships the Guns BACK to the owner and a Slip of paper says either "FIXED" or "THERE WAS NO PROBLEM" !!! and the Gun Owners STILL have the SAME Problem !!! That My Friends is a "Class Action Lawsuit" at it's FINEST !!!

So the MORE people Complain about their Guns and ALL the Problems,,and that the Company Ships the Guns BACK to the Owners with the SAME EXACT PROBLEMS,,,the MORE Ammunition WE have against either the Maker OR the Licensed IMPORTER !!!

BUT it might take me 2 days to replenish my Printer Paper because there were THOUSANDS of complaints !!! :D


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^ Come on now, Benelli's are just as durable as the brands you listed. This isn't a common occurence, and I'm sure if they replaced it he'd be more than happy.



Go here and tell these People this is NOT a Common Occurance !!! and it does NOT Matter how much you spend on a Gun,,a few bad ones out of Thousands is a Minor Problem,,but when 75% of your Shipment doesn't even WORK when you get it home !!! well that Sir to me is a Bonified

"Junk Dealer" !!! and Stoeger/Benelli NEEDS to be held ACCOUNTABLE !!! just the same way as the BIG 3 Auto Makers are held accountable !!! with the Car Makers,,as soon as a Common Complaint hits a certain Level,,then they MUST issue a Recall,,or face a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT !!!

I guess my Downfall was that I ACTUALLY BELIEVED Benelli would STAND BEHIND their Product,,so I bought 3 Guns believeing this,,and 2 out of the 3 has SOMETHING WRONG with it,,and the Gun that DOESN'T have a Problem,,has NOT been Shot yet,,so it MAY be 3 out of 3 GUNS will have a Problem with it !!!

When a Consumer brings a new Gun Home,,it should NOT be messed up right out of the BOX !!! so 2 out of 2 Guns here have had a Problem from the FIRST SHELL fired in the Guns,an when my Son shoots his Stoeger 2000 this weekend,,it may well BE 3 out of 3 Guns has a defect RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX !!!

and to answer your Quote above,,part of the Problem is that Benelli/Stoeger SHOULD replace ALL the defective Firearms they sell,,BUT THEY WON'T do the RIGHT THING and own up to THEIR QC Problem !!!

Thank You very much

a NOT very happy Ohiyesa

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my soulution is free no charge? rant all ya want, i would too if i had a POS!! that not being the case and the chances benelli scans this sight for customer satisfaction would probably be a stretch? for me 3rd time would be the charm and i could fill a Lawers pockets like you but since the Attorney General's are elected and will do this for free i would see what they could do? sounds like benelli is doing something but it seems they are slow in doing it, not surprising to me but feel they will make it all good sooner than later? frustrating process and hope all turns out ok with a quality stock that will not crack? they claim they use quality wood and why they can't get one not to crack is surprising!

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Well I think Benelli puts SO MUCH MONEY into their Ads on the Hunting Channels,,telling us how THEIR PRODUCT is the GREATEST out there,,so we should buy it for Peace of Mind,,that they can't AFFORD nice wood OR Good Parts to ACTUALLY give us a Good Product !!!

oh well,,Benelli/Stoeger and Dicks Sporting Goods has seen the LAST PENNY,that they will EVER get from me,,my Family,,My Friends,,AND the Gun Club that I Belong to wants to start a Youth Program,,and they were THINKING of Buying quite a few Condors because of the Price,,well GUESS WHAT,,I do NOT think they will buy anything from either Place !!! and I DO have a big part in that decision,,my Condor POS doesn't Bother me,,I bought it for an "Extra" Gun and for my Wife to shoot,,SHE is pretty disappointed,,and she is pretty MAD,,and she NEVER gets mad OR talks Bad about anyone,OR anything,,well she Broke BOTH of those Rules !!!

Ohiyesa :mad: :mad: P.S. I like how this Site limits a Person to ONLY 2 Smilie Faces,,these People just keep getting WORSE and WORSE !!!

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Gee vt600c,


Sorry about all the trouble you are having and I hope Benelli can resolve the issue soon. Feeling sort of guilty that my Defense model H+K imported Super 90 M1 (bought Oct 1986) and my light weight, short stock 20 gauge Monty (bought April 2002) work flawlessly and always have. Haven't heard about anybody having those many problems since about 20 years ago when Mossberg was having severe quality control issues. But Mossberg has made a complete turn-around and I'm hoping Benelli can make good on a Legacy that is everything you've wanted. Spoke with an old-timer and he suggested that if Benelli returns your Legacy with a new stock (or a new gun) that you loosen the stock and tighten it hand strength only. In short, perhaps it was over-torqued at the factory. Granted that sounds simple, but sometimes simple things work. I'm sure that the guys reading this post that work with metal and wood know all about torgue and what too tight can do. With the rush for so many folks trying to purchase Benelli's, it's possible they have gotten a little sloppy at the factory. Their used to be a Benelli dealer just west of Boston and I have seen and handled (more like drooled) over a few Legacy's so I understand why somebodyy would want one. Yes, I know, not very lady like. Best of luck to you with Benelli and borrow something from a friend and get out there shooting :-)


Oh by the way, my little 20 guage Monty went out Saturday on opening day and their is one less Pheasent in Massachusetts!



Cape Cod

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A stock breaks three times same gun. Does this sound weird to anyone.

HAs anyone heard of this problem??


And for OHIYESA who also joined on oct 07

in his post "Go here and tell these People this is NOT a Common Occurance !!! "

Maybe he should read all the post before he prints his list.

Here is the quote from "one complaining benelli Customer" he is referencing


Grizz 27201-17-2004, 10:59 AM

""My Condor Supreme let me done last night. I was trapping shooting and twice the bottom barrel fired when it should have been the top barrel. I have decided that after 1000 rounds I should take it a part and clean and lube it. ""


1000 rounds without a cleaning and complaining about a misfire?????????????????????.


Firearms of anytype are a mecanism with moving parts. not lubed and left to get dirty will cause problems.

don't change the oil in your car and otherwise don;t take care of it ---see what happens.


Breaking stocks I don't know what is up there...


Every couple weeks there is a post on this site with a customer with a major problem and customer service tells them to jump in the lake -- odd

What about the dealer - always the first step. What did they tell you??


I have had to contact my dealer and Benelli on two guns.

I will add that both issues were my fault and misunderstanding of the guns operation.

First time i had a replacement part in 2 days. (which I did not need) No problem with CS. ended up It was my problem.

Second issue was manuall cycling shells again I did not understand howto do it properly.. CS very accomadating and helped.

My dealer comment was "bring it in if there is an issue we will make it right"

Again both issues were my problem and never did I feel as if I had to call my lawyers!


So lets analyze this problem.

1 Benelli is knowingly shipping these horrific unrepairable guns to unsuspecting U.S customers.

2. The customer service at Benelli is there just to really make our problem worse.

3. The Gunsmiths at Benelli have absolutley no idea how a Benelli functions, have not seen one, and has no idea how to fix one.

4. The satisfied customers on this site and other sites are Benelli Plants.


I am just a little skeptical of some of these stories. In todays society of lawyers and other POS i find it hard to beieve that a firearm companies will blow off customer complaints

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here is another classic


12-20-2003, 04:15 AM





Then follows up with::


fezman02-20-2004, 03:38 AM

i bought myn on sale for 289$ (see condor broken out of box) now that i have it back i love it and dont care what happens now ive put about 500 rounds thew it now and havent had any problems since ....


Seems sevice department took care of the problem....

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I contacted the Dealer 3 HOURS AFTER I BOUGHT THE GUN

And Dicks Sporting Goods said that Benelli/Stoeger Told THEM to have the Customer (Me) send the Gun Back to

Benelli/Stoeger !!!

This is WHY I bought from Gun Shops,,if the Gun was Screwed up,,the Gun Shop woul be MORE THAN HAPPY to give me a Different Gun and then THE GUN SHOPwould send the Gun back to Benelli/Stoeger !

That is why I said that Dicks Sporting Goods is ALSO at fault !

This is a BAD WAY to treat a Customer from BOTH Benelli AND Dicks Sporting Goods !!!

The BOTTOM LINE is that a Customer buying a NEW GUN should be HAPPY with his/her Purchase !!! so me AND the other Customers are NOT HAPPY with OUR PRODUCT from

Benelli/Stoeger,,and Come to find out that to be SATISFIED 100% you have to send the BAD PRODUCT back to the Company and THEN your Bad Product (Shotgun) has to go in front of a Company Review Board to even be CONSIDERED for a Refund !!!

That may be the way they do Business in ITALY,,But that is NOT the way to keep or GAIN Customers in THIS COUNTRY!

I do NOT know what this Company expects out of the Customer ?

All the Customer wants is a WORKING PRODUCT for their money,,NOT a friggin Review Board to Judge whether we DESERVE our Money back or not !!!

I Honestly think that Benelli/Stoeger doesn't CARE if we are happy or not,,you can tell that by ALL the bad Post's that they really DON'T care if we are happy or not !!!

It is rediculous from ANY Company to do this !!!

Thank You


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I am not in the business at all but I would imagine returning a firearm is not like returning a pair of tennis shoes. People tinker and I have seen on this site eve alter ther weapons. All which create a liability for the company.

I am sure each case has to be looked at on an indidvidual basis.

If there are a lot of issues with a specific product then I would agree something needs to be done for the customer.


Look n the Web

Benelli is no the only company with Issues.

AGI put out a video on how to fix common feeding and jamming isses


http://www.booktrail.com/Video_Shooting/Remington%201100%20Series%20Armorer's%20Course.aspCould not find one on how to fix common Benelli problems ... maybe it is in the works.


Nough said.

Hope you get youor gun Taken care of .

You could alays sell it and bu a Brown or Rem.


They have forums Too.

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So which Gun Manufactures allow their dealers to do warranty work, or replace from their stock? I strongly feel you will have a hard time finding any that do and Benelli is like all the rest ya gotta take to dealer in original container and they ship it back to the Manufacturer for all and any warranty work. Once you take the purchase slip it is YOURS! unfortunate that Customer Service has not taken care of you or the original poster and i am sure he is not happy with you hijacking his thread with your tireless rant.

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I have called Benelli on a number of occasions have gotten through and have had no issues.

I really find it hard to believe Benelli will send back a customers gun not repaired. If they do, I hope benelli Corrects the Problem.

I bought a Colt Combat Elite 45acp back in 92. I sent it back and told them I felt the tolerances were loose and asked if they could look at it. They shot it said it was with in spec and then sent it o the custom shop for a $600 "custom slide job" for me. That is customer service!.


Benelli needs to Correct this "image" problem the appear to have with some people even if it costs them a few guns. Unfortunatly the good stories are not told often enough. You just end up with these rants form

"unhappy" people.


Back to my original question How does a stock crack three times?? Is this a common problem??


Good guns and Customer service will sell product.

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1 more thing.


On the lghter side.

That may be the way they do Business in ITALY,,But that is NOT the way to keep or GAIN Customers in THIS COUNTRY!

Have you ever taken a car in for Warranty service???

You want to hear some stories.....................

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Ah dude, you must be a pretty easy going guy, by now I would have shashed the piece-o-sh t. Ain't that somethin, guy spends $1000 plus and you get how much lost shooting time. It really does make you wonder are these guns really worth this kind of $$$. Good luck, at least your Remingtons and Brownings will not crap out like that!!!


My brand new Browning Silver broke on it's 3rd or 4th hunt.


Had to wait two months for a replacement bolt handle. Luckily I paid the $13 to buy one before that.


I had to work the gun with my car keys for the rest of the hunt. I think Browning should take me hunting for a day to make it up to me. Maybe buy me a new gun to sooth my hurt feelings.


So, you are wrong, Brownings will "crap out like that" :)



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In support of Benelli CS and the people on this forum, i had an issue with my SBE-II a few years ago, i explained to CS that i had a pheasant hunt in South Dakota planned 14 days from the time on the phone, she said get it here and we will get it back to you. I thought there would be no way i would have my gun back and i'd be using the trusty 870. Low and behold, the gun shows up DAYS prior to my departure. I really appreciated the service and the kindness of the people i spoke to. I won't buy another auto shotgun thats not a Benelli.

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