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Shotgun's Color


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Technically anything that breaks up your pattern gives you an advantage.


I think its debatable simply for the fact that people have killed animals and birds for a very long time before camo-covered weapons ever came into existence.


Will my next gun be camo'd? Yes. Will it make me a better hunter? No, I don't think so, though others may disagree.

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My opinion;


Probably ... to some degree if you have the firearm exposed in the duck blind ... but ... most people don't.


Deer see movement, so I don't think it makes a difference there.


As far as turkey hunting goes ... they see everything ... and particularly ANY movement, so I'd think it has more of an advantage in that theater than anywhere else.


Upland game ... absolutely no difference.


Decided disadvantage if hunting at night, or hunting an intruder ... black is better there.


Esthetically ... looks like a kid's finger painting to me, I'll take the black. (but respect other opinions) Some people think anything other than majestic woods with character are sacriligious or blasphemous ... so esthetics are subjective.

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I have hunted many times and my gun has always been black. Never been a problem.


My dad has always used a "GLOSSY" blued Remington 870 Wingmaster, and even that has never stopped him from killing birds.


I'm talking about WATERFOULING, ducks and geese, obviously upland doesn't apply.


CAMO - the one thing with camo that is also bad news is that some Camo guns have problems with "PEELING", because of manufacturing defects or sometimes other liquids like "DEET" and "OFF" can eat thru paint.


So I would never buy a camo gun b/c of that.


On the other hand, Benelli's have always been Blued in a crappy way it seems.


But we have 5 Benelli's in our family and all are BLACK, from 4 years to know, never had ANY PROBLEMS with BLACK.

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Tucker hit on a point ... (funny or not) LOL ... I buy yellow radios, red flashlights, etc, etc. The darn camo and black stuff disappears in a backpack, and God help you if you drop any of it in the dark. To me the endless movement rummaging around trying to locate stuff more than outweighs the "color" of the radio, etc. Besides it's about movement far more than color. So ... don't be afraid to accessorize with color.

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