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Got my new SBE II


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Well after alot of research and reading I decided to get the SBE II over the SX3. I absolutely love this gun. I had it completely tore down and back together last night in a matter of minutes. Shot it today and I am overly impressed. I found some camo SX3's and almost bought one but after tax they were just $100 cheaper than the SBE II. I signed up for the BassPro credit card and got 10% off the SBE II. I am sure I would have been very happy with the SX3 but for just a hundred bucks, I was getting the Benelli. Thanks everyone for your help.

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trav, congratulations! However, after asking everyones opinion before your purchase, and so many suggested you buy a different gun for your prefered sports (clays & doves) don't complain about your new SBE2 when it fails to fire those light dove loads next September or light target loads when shooting clay birds!!!


read the manual and follow the break-in proceedure.......good luck!

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Congrats Bro...!!! i love my'in also...only thing i did'nt like was the little bead....so i put a Easyhit sight on it...helped me find the end of the barrel faster...i'm a instictive shooter, but i only had this SBE2 since Dec...and getting the feel and the swing of it...its a awsome gun goodluck and remember if its a Black SBE2 wipe it down before putting it in any Case...Oh and don't forget to break it in...i've ran about 400 shots threw my'in with no problems..including Dove shot...so goodluck with it and treat like a Covette...Laugh....Honkers41

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