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i'm adicted to turkey hunting....


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.....there I said it!


i can't spell either........


Is their any other type of hunting? I mean I don't even have the desire to Deer or Hog hunt anymore. I gave my Bow and ML away to my bestfriend knowing that he will use it more than I will since I only Spring Turkey hunt now.

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My name is spurcollector and I'm an addict too. It's O.K. you're among brothers here...


I can't wait until April 1st, that's opening day here.


I have a lease with two friends who don't turkey hunt. I tell them deer season is just a way for me to pass time until turkey season comes in. They think I'm crazy. Maybe they're right.

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Take them out and let them catch a fly-down,and see what happens!We'll be talking to them in here in short order.lol


I actually have taken one of them. Man, you should have seen his jaw drop when we had a couple of gobblers answer back, real hot ones. He understands now, but he's so hen pecked and has to work a lot so he doesn't get to hunt but about twice. Our season is only 1 month. Not enough time.


Now me, I use every Saturday and take some vacation days.

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Tell me about it!:D


Hey Spur Collector, You guys aren't allowed to hunt on Sundays in Sc.? What are the shooting hours for Spring?


We can hunt on Sundays.... I think the Game Management Land is closed on Sundays, but private land is O.K. My inlaws have farm land that I do Sunday afternoon hunts on.


Our hunting time is 1 hour before legal sunrise to 1 hour after sunset, April 1st through May 1st.

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Probably cant buy beer on Sunday either


The state doesn't allow alcohol sales on Sundays. They say we're in the Bible Belt. Stores don't open until 1:30 so people have time to go to church. I like these laws and wish stores didn't open at all on Sundays, everybody needs a day off. The bars that are "Private Clubs" are open on Sundays and the people who live here just stock up on Saturdays, so it's no big deal. But, I think it's cool that we at least do something to observe The Lord's Day...

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