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The 2008-2009 Waterfowl Photo Thread


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We have ringnecks in vast abundance here.

We shoot them when nothing else is happening.

I could take you to a spot any morning and you'd limit out or run of shells in the first hour.

I shot into a flock the other day and knocked down two with one shot.

Got a three for one water swat the day before. :o

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You are correct friend! It's not about the ducks so much to me as it is watching the excitement in that dogs eye or taking a kid hunting for the first time. Heck some of my best hunts this year we didn't kill anything or one or two ducks. It's the friends your with and God allowing me one more beautiful sunrise to witness. I have been on hunts this year where my little brother killed his first deer and a very close family friends nephew killed his first duck with me. I laughed more on those two hunts than any with my "serious" hunting buddies. Heck I think I was more excited than both of the youngsters! I am only 22 years old but I remember like it was yesterday the folks who spent time with me making sure I enjoyed the outdoors. My dad was a big shooter but not a big hunter so others took me and taught me. I got a chance to take my dad and brother this year and that is a trip I will never forget. It's not about the killing! It's about the little things that happen on each hunt that make it worth going. Not gonna say I don't like having a strap full when we leave though :)

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I find myself hunting the divers more this year.

Here's today's sunrise on Gaston Lake and my first ever bluebill.

He buzzed the decoys and made a loop behind the blind. Looped back around out front and slid to a stop just in front of the coot decoy in the sunrise picture.





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