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The 2008-2009 Waterfowl Photo Thread


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Honestly? It was the 2nd bird of a double that I thought was a drake. I don't intentionally shoot hens. I had a group of about 25 work. The closest was a drake I could tell clear and easy because he practically landed on the end of my boat. The next closest bird that I thought was a drake, was on its way up and I was looking right into the sun. Both were very clean and effective kills which I think is always a positive thing.


I don't kill hens intentionally so when I do error its never more than one bird. On future hunts I'm very willing and able to pass on single hens etc. I try to do better next time. Simple as that.

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This was my first sea duck hunter ever (and first hunt of the season i came home with game in the bag) . What an experience, if you have any hope of not becoming completely addicted to waterfowl hunting and haven't gone Sea duck hunting, this is your warning... DON'T DO IT!!! Got my first duck double and triple ever, just another added bonus.





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We had a good morning.

I shot a limit and my partner got three.

One of the gadwall drakes was a beautiful specimen and I probably should have saved him to mount.

Alas, he now marinates.

And, yes, we shoot hens.





Someone on here wanted to see a better picture of my decoy bags. I bought the camo cordura online and had an auto upholstery guy make them to my specs.

Should have given them a bit more height on the inside, but they do well enough as they are.

Bungee is strung through the top and we put brass eyelets on the bottoms to make them drain.

They are held on with SS screws and can be removed for annual cleanings.



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That whole attachments thing is there just to frustrate new users.

You need to use a hosting service like Photobucket. Once you've got the pics uploaded to Photobucket, simply copy and paste their Image Code to your post.


Easy as falling off a three gun station and scuffing your knee pads. ;)


Here is a step-by-step I wrote some time ago.

it doesn't mention the copying and pasting the IMG code, but you'll get the gist of it. Either method is fine.


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