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The 2008-2009 Waterfowl Photo Thread


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General duck season has ended here in Southern VA as well.

As usual, heavy hunting pressure and mild weather kept most of the puddlers scattered on ponds and off-limit swamps, and of course the handful of clubs with manipulated flooded "crops".


Late season on the big flats and hydrilla saw decent numbers of ringnecks with a few redheads, bluebills, and a smattering of canvasbacks.


Geese have been scattered and hard to pattern here as well.


In the closing two weeks, colder temps locked up those places and we saw good numbers of mallards, teal, blacks, gadwalls, woodies, and even a few pintails returning to the reservoirs.


Good rains a few weeks ago flooded timer in the Dan and Staunton rivers and the willows wer full of ducks seeking refuge and food. No patterning them, but they were less wary than the birds we'd seen most of the season.


We got into some of them and found one backwater spot that was absolutely infested black ducks as soon as the ice melted a bit.


One last photo taken Friday. Sean with our two blacks hiding in the willows.



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230+ I had a few hunts that didn't get recorded. Nothing spectacular but a good season. I have had much better and seen much worse. I got to enjoy the blind with my little brother so that is worth another 1000 ducks in my opinion. He is now hooked on it and I think we will be hunting for a long time together from now on out. He also killed two deer with me this year. That made my season to be completely honest. He never connected on a duck but I am looking for him a Benelli for next year so he can go ahead and start shooting it now. I told him I will buy him one if he comes works for me a couple weeks this summer so he will technically "buy it" and take a greater pride in ownership.


Here is a picture of me and the little guy along with his first deer. I know they are not waterfowl but I am proud as all get out of him!


Josh and first deer




Josh and I on a nice double one afternoon. He shot his it dropped, and I saw mine still standing there still so I grabbed the rifle, racked another round in and dropped her too. Fell within 10 feet of each other




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I also had the pleasure of taking two other kids with me hunting this year. Michael and Joseph both got to do some hunting with me this year and I believe both are now hooked!


Michael with a big ol Greenhead.




Josh and Michael with geese, By the way these two knuckleheads wore me out! They struck up a friendship that day I think will last a lifetime!


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I think we're pretty much finishing up another run on the waterfowl photos thread.

I'm a little disappointed to have not seen any from mudhen, but I'm sure he's done well again this year.


Thanks to all who have contributed and commented.

I'm glad it's been safe and productive for everyone here.

Hope to see you all back again next year!



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Here's my favorite recipe :D:


You will need :

- 12 crows

- 1 camera

- 2 "Extra strong" garbage bags

- 1 large trash can

- 1 phone


1 - Take your 12 crows and make a form with them. You can form the number 12 with them or just put them in a straight line.

2 - Take your camera.

3 - Ask one of your partners or use a tri pod and take a picture of you with the 12 crows.

4 - Rename the picture "DD-MM-YY's hunting result".

5 - Take your 12 crows and put it in the first "Extra strong" garbage bag.

6 - Double the first "Extra strong" garbage bag with the second.

7 - Put the garbage bags with the crows in the trash can (outside your house if possible:D).

8 - Grab the phone and order 1 extra large pizza.

9 - Enjoy with your partners.

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