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The 2008-2009 Waterfowl Photo Thread


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My first Greenwing Teal. This has been a great year for me, i have only been duck hunting about nine years and have shot mostly mallards and woodies with a few blacks every year. This year I have shot several new species with this Greenwing being my favorite.





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Nice birds boys.....No fun looking out my window, snowing like a banchi, season closed and an artic blast on the way...Memories only!!


We need a trip down to visit Tucker in VA, where is warm and sunny and the ducks just fall from the sky.

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We are hoping for some good shooting here later this week when the big nasty cold weather finally touches us.

Hopefully, it will lock up the club ponds and swamps and put the duck back on the main lake and creeks.


I'll try them Thursday for sure, but I'm heading for the coast Friday for an Atlantic striper charter Saturday AM. Supposed to be about 12 degrees when we set sail on that little adventure. :eek:

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The initial setup was in an open water blind which would be favorable for the WNW winds expected later in the morning.


There were a few mallards, a few blacks, and some gadwalls working the spread, but they all seemed very wary and they didn't want to come near our decoys.

Late season and high pressure. It's the way it is around here.


I noticed some birds dropping into a nearby beaver swamp, which I'd assume was iced over.


I decided to check them and proceeded with a sneak which involved several hundred yards of paddling.


When I got far enough in to see, I could tell that most of the swamp was iced, but there remained a narrow strip of flowing water right down the middle, and that's where the gadwalls were hanging out.





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Our end of season hunts brought lot of nice ducks down but like you said they are super wary and will not commit to the decoy spead all to easy. They always seemed like they wanted to find wide open places no where near shore. Once that started they just raft up and never move.


Nice Gads!


We did switch to mod chokes and BB shot to take them at longer distances, but you really need to have your shooting goggles on for those shots, and a good dog helped a lot too.


Looks nice there versus the North Pole up here.

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On Saturday me and my buddy Dave killed 3 snows, 1 widgeon.


The duck hunting down here in the central valley this past week has been terrible. I dont know if the ducks have already migrated through or what. There are more geese down here every week so thats good. Goose numbers are high right now throughout the state.

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I second that :)


I have been blessed. I co-own a company at the age of 22 and do not work from October-March! That and my family owns some land in the Mississippi Delta so I do not fight the crowds on the WMA's here. I love hunting and I am in a profession that allows me to enjoy that passion!

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Well another waterfowl season has ended here in Virginia,Nortumberland County. It was not to bad, plenty of geese ,but few ducks.I got only three mallards all season and a bald eagle got one of those.The second half of the season the geese were tough, they have no pattern at all, they use a different field everyday,except for those fields that have been posted for years that they used almost everyday.I ended the season with twenty-two geese,i guess not bad because i only have two good spots to hunt,It is hard to permission to hunt in this area.What are you all totals,don,t make me feel to bad.Come on turkey season!!!!!!

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