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The 2008-2009 Waterfowl Photo Thread


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We had a good early split opener.

Number 10 was knocked down, but we were unable to recover him (drake woodie).

Thought the dog had it on the other side of the creek, but she didn't come back with it and a ground and water search turned up nothing.

I hate to lose one, but it happens.



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Tucker, its amazing how much color your birds are showing in your part of the country. Up here most the early birds look pretty drab compared to the ones you shot. Our wood duck are just starting to show color, and the teal are basically brown with a few splotches of blue or green.


Nice work.

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Get ready for the migrating birds to come down south. In Wisconsin we saw a lot of birds come through the last 4 days, it looks like the cold weather up north is starting to push them down.


We had a great weekend hunting; nice mallards shot with a mixed bag of, teal, widgeon, divers, and a few geese.

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I speculate our southern zone season will another 3 weeks before freeze up or all the birds have made their way through. Myself and friend killed about 40 ducks and 4 geese in the last 4 days, just lots of big fat targets out there and some days they are even kind of dumb.

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