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Post your arsenal! (pics of course if not then just say what you have)

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Cooey Model 75 Single Shot Bolt Action .22LR (Cooey was Winchester Canada)

Cooey Model 84 Single Shot Break Open 20Ga

Savage Mark II F 10 Rnds Bolt Action .22LR (3-9X40mm Scope)

Savage Model 93 BTVS (Laminate Thumbhole Stock, Heavy Stainless Barrel) 5 Rnds Bolt Action .22WMR (6-24X44mm Scope) (Harris 9-13" Ultralight Bi-pod)

Mossberg 500 Field and Slug Combo 12Ga (28" Field Ported Barrel and 24" Slug Ported Barrel) (3-12X56mm on slug barrel)

Benelli SuperNova Field (28" Field Barrel) (SteadyGrip Stock) (Hi-Viz FO Sights) (SRM 6 Rounds Extension (Giving me 10+1 capacity))





Sell the .22LR Mark II

Get a plain Ruger 10-22 that I will entirely customize

Benelli SBE II or Winchester SX3 (depending on budget)

Glock Pistol


A good rifle to shoot long range

Benelli M4 (If I cand find one cheaper than 2000$)

That's about it...

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M4CQB What is your Bushmaster chambered for?


It is a 9mm. The receiver is an old one (it was purchased ten years ago), I do not know what the specs are like on the new ones, but the old ones work great with drop in sears.


Here is a pic of the sear in the receiver.



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One SBE II/one SBE left hand, two Shaw rifled barrels and one 28" shot barrel. Rifled barrels have Kahles 3-12x56/Nikon 5.5-16x50 scopes. Shot barrel has Tasco pro poiint.

Browning Gold hunter, 30" w/ tasco pro point.

Browning BAR 280 rem w/Leupold 3-9x50.

Weatherby bolt action 30-06, LH, w/Leupold 3.5-10x50

Weatherby bolt action 7 MM mag, LH, w3.5-10x50 Leupold and Douglas barrel.

Two Knight 45 cal muzzleloaders w/ Swarovski 2.2-9x42 and Nikon 5.5-16x50 scopes.

Tarus 454, 8 3/4 barrel Raging Bull w/ Burris fastfire.

A pile of older precussion muzzleloaders.

Hoyt Katera, 70 lbs w/ Burris fastfire. A spare older Hoyt w/EOtech sight.

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