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Post your arsenal! (pics of course if not then just say what you have)


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Beretta 950BS .25ACP

Steyr M40 .40SW

Ruger Super Blackhawk .44REMMAG

RWS Diana Mod.48 .177

Mauser Mod. 98 8MM

Rem 722 .222REM (custom varmint slayer)

Rem 700ADL .270WIN

Ithaca LSA-65 30.06

Nat. Ord. M1 Carbine .30Carbine

Ruger 10-22

TC High plains sporter .50 (muzzleloader)

Ithaca Mod.37 featherweight 12G

Browning BPS 20G

Mossberg 85D 20G (bolt action/first gun/going to be buried with it)

Benelli SBE 24" Realtree X-TRA brown/slug barrel 12G


I have very little to complain about:D

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Guest cleefurd

>Handmade (by me) .50 BMG (being re-barreled)

>Beeman R7 .177

>Beeman Crow Magnum .20 cal w/ 4 power Burris

>Thompson Center G2 w/ barrels

>Rem 700 LA .300 RUM w/ Leupold

>HK Model 53 w/ collapsible stock

>Eagle Arms AR15 SR CTC .223 (weighs 16 lbs)

>Tactical Innovations/Beowulf 12" SBR

>Tactical Innovations 11.5" SBR w/ Suppressor (home-made with form 1)

>Tactical Innovations SBR on Billet lower in .300 Whisper.

>Bushmaster Carbon 15 pistol w/ 110rd Beta mag

>SS Bisley Blackhawk Convertible .45C/.45ACP cylinders

>Blued Blackhawk 5 Shot Convertible w/ 3 cylinders; .454 Casull/.45C/.45ACP

>GSG 5 Carbine w/ collapsible stock (SBR conversion for suppressor and quick detach can mount)

>2 USP .40 Tacticals with suppressors

>Benelli M1S90

>Benelli M4 w/ collapsible stock and 7 rd tube TITANIUM of course!!!

>Benelli M4 (spare) for conversion to SBR/entry soon

>Freedom Arms 5 shot .22 mini revolver

>10/22 SS

>10/22 Blued

>S&W Performance Ctr Model 327 8 shot .357 snub nose ti cylinder

>S&W Mod 32 Kit gun

>Weatherby Mark XXII tubular fed.

>Too many to list... to be continued

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Ruger 22/45 Mk. III

Henry Lever Action Youth Model

Stoeger Cougar 8000F (9x19mm)

Smith & Wesson M&P40c

Smith & Wesson M&P40

Taurus PT 1911B

Olympic Arms K3B-M4-A3-TC "Alphabet Gun" (AR-15 carbine)

Benelli SuperNova Tactical (w/ GRS)


The Ruger, the Henry and the Stoeger are my guns for taking friends and family shooting. I also have a .22LR adapter for the Alphabet Gun (not as good as a dedicated .22LR upper, but much cheaper).

The M&P40c is my carry weapon. The M&P full-size is my "first response" HD weapon. Both M&Ps have night sights and CTC laser grips.

The Alphabet Gun and the SNT are my "break out the artillery" weapons, for major home invasions or civil disorder in the event of natural disaster.

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Armalite AR10

CMMG M4gery

Ak 47x2

Glock 23

Glock 22

Glock 27

Glock 20C

Ruger LCP

Remington 870 super mag

Benelli Nova 12 gauge

Remington 870 20 gauge

Stoeger Condor 12ga

Browning Abolt .280

Winchester Model 70 300 mag

Ruger Redhawk

Asta 22 short

Smith and Wesson 38 (not sure of model, old!)

Browning A5

Marlin model 60 (x2)

Marlin 917

Browning Buckmark

Benelli Super Black Eagle 12 gauge



Probably left out a few, kinda tired!

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is it legal to own an ak47 in the states
To expand on Tucker's answer, if by "AK47" you mean an actual Sov-manufactured selective-fire Ak47 assault rifle, then it is legal to own in most states (some state laws prohibit private ownership of weapons capable of automatic fire), provided you have the appropriate paperwork from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) and the AK47 in question was imported into the US prior to the entry into force of the Gun Control Act of 1968.


If by "AK47" you mean any semi-auto-only Kalashnikov variant (such as Romanian WASRs), those are legal to own in any state that doesn't have a ban on "assault weapons" (i.e. semi-auto weapons based on selective-fire military designs, and anything that looks scary), such as Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, California, Hawaii and probably a few others.


This can lead to curious situations. In Washington state, you can't own an actual AK47, but you can own a semi-auto-only AK-derivative. In Massachusetts, you can't own a semi-auto-only AK-derivative, but you can own an actual AK47 (though you need a mountain of paperwork).

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Euromutt's post is an accurate and concise summation of current laws.

Whether state laws do or do not infringe upon the rights granted in the Second Amendment of the Constitution is a matter open to some debate.

In my own view, the 2nd says that citizens, in order to insure against tyranny in government, have the right to own the same weapons as the government. Since that is a Constitutional right, it has precedence over any subsequent laws which diminish or restrict it.

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