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Post your arsenal! (pics of course if not then just say what you have)


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Remington 1100 LT 20ga

Remington 870 Wingmaster

Remington 740 30.06 4x Weaver

Marlin 30-30 iron sights

Ruger M77 7mm magnum w/ Nikon 3x9 40mm

Winchester SX2 12 Ga 3 1/2"

Iver Johnson 16 Ga single shot

3 compound bows: American Archery, PSE, and a Mathews solo cam

Winchester air rifle 1200 ft/sec .177

sling shot


A bat or my two hands if all else fails.

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Long Guns:


Daisy Red Rider :)

Crossman Pellet (pump)

Ruger 10/22

Win 94 in .30-30

Handi-rifle .30-06

SA Garand M1

Mossberg M44US

Colt LE6920

Benelli Nova Tactical


Hand Guns:


Crossman 1377

Rugers; Bearcat, MKIII Hunter, Vaquero (old style) 45 Colt

Glock 19

S&Ws; Model 19 in .357, 640 in 357, and a 645 45acp

Bond Arms 45/410 Derringer


Yep, that it....

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M4CQB, is that a 9" or 12.5" SBS?


Actually it is the standard 14" straight from the factory. Originally I thought about getting an M4 and cutting the barrel down to a 12.5", but in the end, I did not think the 1.5" was worth all the trouble. Besides, with the 14" barrel, I still have 5+1 (+1 more if I load the carrier) capacity with 00 Buck.:) Also, I figured it would be nice to have a factory original gun.

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In keeping with the gun laws of Massachusetts, I have only pictures of my personnel firearms. Attached to each picture is a photograph of an approved trigger lock and the entire pile of paper is clipped together with a picture of a quality gun safe. I'm still waiting on my official state ammunition photograph permit, so I can have pictures of ammo to go with each weapons picture. I should also mention that pictures of any shotgun capable of holding more than 5 rounds, is banned totally. Not tp worry though, I carry with me a picture of a can of pepper spray, in case I'm attacked.

P.S. The State Police don't know this, but I have a picture of a long bayonet hidden in my house !!

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I don't plan on buying anything on the AR platform. Give me an Ak47. You can throw the things out of a plane in a rainstorm, roll it in the mud, throw it in a pond, **** on it, throw it in a sandpit, and it will still fire. The possibilities are endless! :)




AK's jam too. I would take an AR any day.

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Benelli SBEII 24" APG camo

Browning BPS 12 ga with full Magna Port

Ithica M 37

Browning Citori OU 12 ga

Remington 870 12 ga

Winchester .410 break open

Browning Highwall .270 with Leupold Vari X III

Bushmaster FT 5.56 with Leupold VX III 3.5x10

Savage 10ML II muzzle loader- 2.5" at 200yd! Best front-stuffer out there - uses real smokeless at 15 cents powder cost per shot NOT $2.25 per shot pellets and only needs cleaning 1x per year or every 100 shots

Ruger 10-22 w/ .92 barrel

Browning .22 autoloader rifle FN sweet

Marlin .22 rifle

Browning Buckmark .22

Kimber Eclipse 4" .45 ACP

Sig 220 .45 ACP

Browning HP pre-war Tangent rear sight w/ holster/shoulder stock... can hit a coyote at 125 yds!

I hope the Men in Black never show up with this list...

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-Benelli M4 nib

-Colt AR-15 M4LE w/ YHM silencer & ACOG scope (.223)

-Kimber SIS Pro (.45)

-Kimber Custom Eclipse 2 (10mm)

-Kimber Pro Aegis 2 w/ YHM silencer (9mm)

-Kel-Tec PLR-16 (.223)

-Kel-Tec Sub 2000 (.40)

-AK-47u (yugo) (7.62x39)

-FN Five-Seven (5.7x28)

-Remington 870



-Barret M107

-Benelli M1014

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