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Post your arsenal! (pics of course if not then just say what you have)


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Benelli M4

Mossberg 590A1

Mossberg 500

Polytech AKS

Bushmaster M4A3

Taurus 608

H&K USP .45

H&K USP CT .45 (awaiting suppressor stamp)

H&K USP SD 9mm (awaiting suppressor stamp)


*wishlist for future purchases*

H&K USP Compact 9mm

Beretta Cheetah

Desert Eagle XIX 44

Polytech Legend


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Bushmaster AR15 5.56 w/aimpoint and RRA stage 2 trigger and Y comp


Rem 700 .308 Leupold 3.5-10x40mm w/harris b****


Rem 870 12 and 20 gauge


Rem 1187 12 gauge SPS 28"


Benelli SBII 12 gauge 24" Synthetic w/Comfortech


Sig Saeur P226 .40 Full size


Springfield XD 9mm Service

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Benelli M4, of course.

SW 625

SW 10

Air Arms, .22 pellet rifle

Glock 17

AR 15 with LWRC gas piston upper

Surgeon Scalpel, .308

NAA mini revolver

Valmet O/U 16 ga.

Rem 870



All tricked except for the Valmet. There's a mod on something. I can't stand anything stock and feel it all need improving. Can't let a sleeping dog lay.

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Long Guns:

Barrett M107 (currently about halfway thru on layaway)

Colt Match HBAR A2

Winchester M70 in 338, 25.06, 325WSM, 7WSM


Browning 525 Sporting, Cynergy Field (both 12ga)

Beretta Silver Pigeon

Benelli M4 (of course)



Glock 32 (357 sig)

Kahr K9 (9 mm)

Kimber Ultra CDP (.45)

Sig 239 (.40)

Buckmark (.22)

M11/9 class III


Not quite enough, but OK. mike

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Ruger super blackhawk 30 carbine

Ruger redhawk 44mag

Ruger GP 100 357mag

Ruger P-95 9mm

Sarsilmaz Kama 9mm

Mossberg model20 22lr single shot[made in the 1930s]

Marlin model 60 22lr

Marlin 917 17HMR w/weaver 3x10x40

Mossberg 100ATR 243win w/ mossberg 3x9x40

Remington 700 7mm mag w/Simmons 6x24x50

AK-47 7.62x39

Draganov 7.62x54r

Armalite AR-50 w/10x32x50 Nikon

Franchi AL-48 20ga

Remington 870 16ga

Charles Daly field hunter 12ga


my wish list

S&W 500mag

1911 45

M-1 Garand

Franchi Al-48 12ga

7mm Ultra mag

to sell the AR50

a job w/less hours

a new wife:D

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Benelli SBE 2 12 ga

Remington/Spartan model 310 ou 12 ga

Zabala sxs 20 ga

Savage model 116 270cal

Savage model 94 22 mag bull barrel

Remington model 700 243 cal bull barrel

Knight Revolution 50 cal

Ruger mini 14 ranch 223 cal


Beretta px4storm 40 cal

S&W model 67 38 spcl

Taurus Judge 3 in barrel



Astra Cub 22 short

Stevens Crack-Shot 22 long

U.S. Springfield model 1878


And hopefully more to come!

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Colt 6920

Benelli M4

Browning A-bolt 270 WSM

Remington 700BDL 30-06

Remington SS varmint 17 centerfire

Remington 870 12ga.

Swedish Military 6.5x55

Savage 12ga pump

Henry 22cal lever action

ThompsonCenter 17 mach2 semi-auto


Kimber SIS UltraCarryII

S&W 9mm stainless

North American Arms .380 Guardian

S&W 357mag mod28 Highway Patrolman

Browning W*** .32 semi-auto

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Nice collections cookin' in here! -DOOKEY FACE, The very bottom HK is my dream handgun. What a beautiful piece of German work.


Thanks. I got it 2 yrs ago and it's still unfired.


Dookey Face: Awsome collection. You are obviously NOT in California.


Thanks. No I'm not in California, I'm in Florida and we have some great gun ownership laws.


Or New Jersey lol

Believe me, I know what you mean. I used to live in New York, and the city and state have different gun laws.:(

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